The Essential HK VP40 Holster List

Expected, but appreciated nonetheless, Heckler & Koch announced the VP40 pistol in mid-2015. The new pistol has many of the same features that the original 9mm VP9 has, but it is chambered for the larger .40 S&W cartridge.

Since the list I assembled of VP9 holsters has proven to be so helpful to readers, I decided I would put together a list of carry rigs for the VP40.

VP9 Compatibility

When I started this list, there were few specifically fitted options available for the pistol. This is because the slide on the VP40 is wider than that of the VP9. So many of the existing 9mm holsters simply won’t fit. Soft holsters, like those made of nylon, will probably work. However, Kydex rigs will most likely not work for the new gun.

At this time many of the holster makers have obtained guns or dummies with which to build holsters. Those that do not yet have a VP40 holster option will very soon. Please leave a note in the comment section to let me know what I’ve missed.


Blackhawk makes a number of general fit nylon holsters that will work with the HK VP40. When picking one, make sure you select the size that covers “3.75” – 4.5″ barrel large autos”. Otherwise, you may wind up with a rig that is too large or too small for your needs.

Blackhawk Pancake

Here are some of the holsters Blackhawk offers for the new HK pistol:

  • Three Slot Ambidextrous Pancake – This nylon holster is designed to maximum flexibility. The three slots allow you to carry this on your hip, cross-draw or anywhere else on your belt. Additionally, the slots let you alter the cant depending on your preferences. The retention strap can also be moved to make it ready for a left handed shooter also. Size “05” should fit the VP40 perfectly.
  • Nylon Paddle Holster – Another nylon carry rig, this one is an OWB type rig that secures to your pants with a paddle. It has an adjustable retention strap and comes in black. As with the above, size “05” is the right pick for this one.
  • Inside-the-Pants Holster – This rig is set up as an IWB and does not have a retention strap. It is exceptionally affordable at the time this is written: about $10. Make sure you get size “6” for this one. A version of this holster with a retention strap can be had here, but it is slightly more expensive.
  • Horizontal Shoulder Rig – Blackhawk offers a shoulder holster that carries the VP40 in a horizontal position. I know some people do not like the idea of a shoulder holster, but they have a place for certain modes of dress. Size “15” covers the gun, but you will also need to order a large or XL depending on your body size. The large adjusts to cover a men’s medium to XL shirt, while the XL covers large to XXL.
  • Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light Drop Leg – This is a drop leg holster that can work for an officer on a tactical team or a hunter wanting to carry a handgun backup to his rifle. Black is available, as is coyote tan, OD green and the US Army’s universal pattern.

Bravo Concealment

Bravo Concealment is now offering the VP40 as a fit option in all of the holsters it makes. These include both inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband concealment holsters.

Bravo Concealment offers a comprehensive set of options on its Kydex holsters. Some of these options include colors, dominant hand, accommodation of threaded barrels and tall sights and a wide range of weapon lights.

On the ACER series, the company offers a soft suede material to cushion the hardness of Kydex against the body. I’m currently testing one of these rigs with a Walther PPS, and I’ve been impressed with the comfort it offers.

Bravo Concealment has a reputation for providing good service. Prior to the company having a VP40 to mold holsters, TCB, a member of the HK Pro forums, stated he was able to get a rig made by Bravo Concealment by stopping by with his brand new pistol and politely asking to see if they could make him a custom rig. Not only did Bravo Concealment agree to do the work, they finished it on the same day he stopped in.

Clinger Holsters

Clinger Holsters offers three different models that will fit the HK pistol. They are the No-Print Wonder, the Atom and the Stingray. All three are inside-the-waistband holsters that offer a variety of options and benefits.

To me, the most interesting of the three is the No-Print Wonder. This rig has a Cling Tab that helps bull the butt of the gun into the body. This should have the effect of better concealing the gun – especially a relatively large gun like the VP40.


Comp-Tac offers several different carry options for the VP40 pistols. These include:

  • Infidel Max – A rigid IWB holster with an adjustable cant.
  • Neutral Cant – This is a hybrid IWB rig with a leather backer and Kydex shell.
  • Gladiator – The Gladiator is an OWB hybrid rig with a Kydex shell mounted to a leather backer.
  • MTAC -Another hybrid-style IWB holster, the MTAC uses top grade leather and has an interchangeable Kydex shell.
  • Spartan – This is a less expensive version of the company’s MTAC IWB holster.
  • International – The International is an outside-the-waistband rig that can be set up in one of 15 different ways for a great degree of flexibility in carry styles.
  • Flatline – Another flexible use holster, the Flatline can be worn in either a IWB or OWB fashion.

Here is a video from Comp-Tac on the Infidel Max holster to give you an idea of what the company’s gear is like:

Dara Holsters & Gear

Dara Holsters rig for the VP40

Dara Holsters is now building the company’s IWB rig for the new HK pistol. The holsters are made of very durable 0.93″ Kydex and are customizable for ride height, cant and type of belt attachment. Additionally, the company will make the rig for both right- and left-handed shooters. At the time of this writing, Dara Holsters is offering an introductory discount on these holsters of only $40.

Dara Holsters is also offering other carry rigs in its line for the VP40. These include their OWB concealment holster, the Custom Action Sport holster and the Level II OWB belt holster.

I’ve previously reviewed a pair of Dara Holsters with my Smith & Wesson Shield. I found the rigs to be well built and comfortable.

DeSantis Gunhide

Long-time holster maker DeSantis is now supporting the VP40 pistol with fits for five existing rigs in their catalog:

  • Thumb Break Scabbard – This is a belt slide holster with a thumb snap. It is a basic rig with no lining.
  • Speed Scabbard – This is an open top version of the Thumb Break Scabbard.
  • Pro Stealth – The Pro Stealth is an inexpensive IWB nylon holster that is held to the belt by the use of a metal clip.
  • Tuck-This II – A variation on the Pro Stealth design, this is a tuckable IWB rig also made of synthetic materials.
  • Apache Ankle Rig – I found this one difficult to believe, but yes, the company is offering an ankle holster for the VP40. The world’s largest bell bottom jeans are optional.


Fobus paddle holster

Fobus uses mold injected polymer to form its holsters. This allows them to offer very reasonably priced carry rigs. (The set up costs on injection molds are not cheap, which is the reason why larger companies tend to be the only ones using this method.)

While most polymer VP9 holsters will not fit the VP40, the Fobus VPQ holster will. According to Fobus, these holsters use a tension screw to provide the desired amount of passive retention. I am assuming that this adjustment can be backed out enough to properly fit the VP40.

The VPQ is a paddle holster. It will also fit the Walther PPQ. The company published this video on this series of holsters:

Fury Carry Solutions

Fury Solutions VP40 Holster

Fury Carry Solutions offers fits for the VP40 across the company’s full product line, including their Quick Ship models. Fury Carry Solutions offers a number of OWB carry rigs and an appendix-style IWB holster. In addition to offering the different models, the company can customize these Kydex rigs for finish, dominant hand and for pistols with an attached light.

I want to note that Fury Carry Solutions announced on Instagram that they were making custom rigs for the VP40 before nearly anyone else was. Even before the company could get a pistol to mold holsters, they were willing to work with individual customers who were able to ship them a slide. Frankly, this level of customer service is sadly lacking in most areas of today’s economy.

HK forum member wesfitz posted a photo of a custom rig that Fury Carry Solutions made for him. It looks good.


Safariland 578 Holster draw

Safariland offers a unique holster that will fit the VP40. Called the 578 Pro-Fit, this is a Bill Rogers design that uses a manual retention lever to secure the holster in the gun. What makes the gun truly unique is its ability to fit a wide range of pistols even though it is a “hard” holster.

The Pro-Fit is able to do this because of the rather ingenious locking system combined with the ability of the user to adjust how it fits with the turn of a single screw. You can read my full review of the holster here.

Stealth Gear USA

Stealth Gear USA is now making the company’s Onyx IWB holster for the VP40. These holsters are similar to the hybrid design used by many other companies, but with a great twist. Instead of using a leather backer, the company uses a VentCore backer that breathes!

The can significantly improve comfort over other designs, yet still keeps sweat off of the gun. I’ve got one of these holsters in my testing rotation, and I’ve been impressed by the level of comfort it has. Considering I am in the near-year-round sweltering heat of central Florida, I’ve been impressed with the ability of these rigs to allow air to flow between the gun and skin.

Uncle Mike’s

Uncle Mikes Holster for VP40

Uncle Mike’s has been making affordable synthetic holsters for many years now. They have a reputation of making generally good products while keeping the price low.

Much of the company’s inventory uses nylon materials for construction. These nylon holsters are not precisely fitted, so this is a case where a holster for the VP9 will fit the VP40 also.

Uncle Mike’s uses a numbering system for sizes. For the following holsters, I’ve listed the size that the company recommends for the pistol.

Paddle Holstersize 16
Inside-the-Pant Holstersize 15
Pro-Pak Vertical Shoulder Holstersize 15
Pro-Pak Horizontal Shoulder Holstersize 16
Sidekick Ambidextrous Hip Holster with Magazine Pouchsize 15
Sidekick Cross-Harness Shoulder Holstersize 15
Super Belt Slidesize 15

Additions to the List

If you know of any carry rigs for the VP40 that I’ve missed, please list them in the comments section below. I will do the research and add them to the list for others to check out.

Also, if you have one of the holsters mentioned, leave some feedback on what you think. This helps other people out when they are trying to decide what holster to buy for themselves.

Last Update: October 9, 2022

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As of may 18, 2019 I visited the Bravo Concealment website and did their “search by gun” option for a holster to fit my H&K VP40. They did have H&K listed as a brand of firearm they had holsters for, but only for the H&K VP9 & H&K VPsk, nothing for rhe H&K VP40.

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