The Ultimate HK VP9 Holster List

Heckler & Koch made a splash with the introduction of its striker-fired line of pistols. If you need a HK VP9 holster, you’re at the right place.

This is my (mostly) complete list of holsters for the VP9 pistol. I’ve assembled and updated it over the years, offering my thoughts on some of the rigs I’ve tried myself.

Caution: When the VP9 launched, H&K stated that many P30 holsters will fit the new VP 9. The company was careful to warn that not every P30 scabbard will be a perfect fit. Leather and nylon rigs are more likely to be compatible than hard Kydex holsters.

Fortunately, the VP9 pistol is old enough now that many manufacturers are making proper fitting carry rigs for the guns. And, that’s the point of this page – to give you a single resource where you can research and find the perfect holster for your needs.

I don’t sell any holsters. (GHG) is a news and review site that I launched more than a decade ago. I just bring the information to you and then you can go out and buy what you like from dealers and online retailers. Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission on any purchase you choose to make after using one. GHG is a family business, and the links are how I feed my kids. Plus, it keeps popups and other ad detritus off of the site.

If you know of (or make) a holster for the VP9, please leave a note in the comments below. Also, if you own a HK VP9 and have had any luck (good or bad) with fitting existing P30 holsters to your pistol, please share the information in the same comment section. When the firearms community shares information, we all benefit.

A couple of notes. First, the HK VP40 is not perfectly interchangeable with VP9 holsters. Please go to my VP40 holster list for a current list of what rigs are being made that fir the newer .40 caliber pistol.

Second, if you are researching the VP9 for possible purchase, you can read my HK VP9 review to get my take on the pistol.

Finally, I’ve assembled a complete list of HK VP9 sights in case you are looking to upgrade yours.

Ok, enough introduction – let’s jump into the list.



According to Blackhawk, the popular line of SERPA holsters (including both the duty and concealed carry styles) designed for the HK P30 will not properly fit the VP9.

Some people have reported the VP9 working with SERPA holsters made for other handguns. I strongly caution against relying on one of these, as small tolerance differences may affect the retention ability of the holster during a gun grab.

Blackhawk makes relatively few holsters for the HK VP9. Here they are:

Omega VI Ultra Drop Leg Holster – This is a tactical, drop-leg style holster made of heavy-duty nylon. It is very adjustable to accommodate a range of duty pistols. You may have to make some adjustments after you buy it to get the fit and draw just right.

Leather 3-Slot Pancake Holster – This is a standard outside the waistband holster with a thumb break. The three belt slots allow you to adjust how you wear the rig. I haven’t been able to find these in any stores. However, the company now does a lot of sales through Bass Pro Shops and other big box retailers, so you might have some luck finding them there.

SERPA CQC – Even though this holster has some significant safety concerns, the SERPA holster is a viable OWB rig. I just urge a lot of caution and practice with an unloaded firearm before you carry it.


Blade-Tech offers a number of fit options for the VP9 pistol. The company uses a proprietary blend of hard polymers for the main holster material. Rigidity is similar to Kydex, though I’ve been told they are less temperature sensitive and may not mar your gun’s finish.

Blade-Tech Total Eclipse for VP9

Total Eclipse – This is an extremely versatile holster that can be adjusted by the owner to carry your VP9 in either a IWB or OWB configuration, on the strong side or reaction side and at a variety of angles. As a bonus, it is very affordable as well.

Signature Holster – This is a straight draw, OWB holster that is compatible with an RMR red dot and has an IDPA legal speed cut.

Blade-Tech Magazine Pouch

Double Magazine Pouch – This is one of the thinner magazine pouches for the VP9 that I’ve seen. It has a flared rim for easy magazine insertion and adjustable retention. The design is completely ambidextrous as well.

Klipt – This is an inside the waistband holster for the VP9. It does not get good reviews, unfortunately. It might work for you, but there are other IWB options like the CrossBreed (scroll down) that are likely to be more comfortable.

Bravo Concealment

Bravo Concealment Holster

Texas-based Bravo Concealment offers a variety of carry rigs for the VP9 pistols. A few of these are:

  • Torsion IWB – One of the features that separate this rig from other inside the waistband holsters is the 10Ëš inward roll. This tucks the gun in very close to the body to help eliminate corners of the pistol from poking out.
  • Patriot – This is a straightforward Kydex design that ships as an outside-the-waistband rig, but can be converted to inside-the-waistband carry by swapping out some of the hardware. These have a variety of options including color, material thickness, and belt loop size. Prices start at $69.99. (Update – this is now called the BCA holster.)
  • D.O.S. – The D.O.S. was designed for IWB carry. It is also a Kydex holster. Although it can be worn in any position, Bravo Concealment states it achieves best concealment in the appendix position. Options on this rig are fewer than on the Patriot, which is to be expected with an IWB. MSRP starts at $69.99.


The folks at Comp-Tac are now offering several models for the VP9 pistol, including the Minotaur MTAC, Spartan and International. Each covers a different method of carry.

Comp-Tac International Holster for VP9 Pistol
  • International – The International holster is an outside-the-waistband rig that uses a modular mounting system. The rigs can be set up with adjustable cant and various belt drops. This is an open-top holster that seems best suited for competition or range use than concealed carry.
  • Double Mag Pouch – This is an OWB-style double magazine pouch for VP9 magazines.
  • Minotaur MTAC – The Minotaur MTAC is a tuckable, inside-the-waistband holster that uses a leather backer with a Kydex shell to hold the pistol in place. The rig is adjustable for both cant and ride height. Unlike a lot of other hybrid holsters on the market, the user can swap the Kydex shell for another, so that one rig can be made to work for several guns.
  • Spartan – This is another IWB rig from Comp-Tac that offers a slim profile for maximum concealment. It is both adjustable and tuckable to meet your specific needs.

Concealment Express

Concealment Express

Concealment Express offers two different holsters for the HK VP9 pistols. One is an IWB while the other is a paddle-style OWB rig. These holsters are made in the United States and are not cheap knock-offs from China.

  • IWB Kydex – This rig is made of Kydex for durability and positive retention of your VP9. It is -by far- the best-selling holster on Amazon at the time of this writing. It has nearly 9,000 ratings with 4.5 of 5 stars. I’d suggest checking out the thousands of reviews to get a good feel for the pros and cons to this rig.
  • OWB Paddle – Also made of Kydex, this is an outside the waistband holster that affixes to your belt using a paddle. Like the IWB above, this also get very good reviews, though they total in the hundreds instead of thousands.

CrossBreed Holsters

Crossbreed Holster for VP9

CrossBreed Holsters offers a wide variety of models that will fit the VP9. Among the CrossBreed models that will fit the new pistol are:

  • SuperTuck Deluxe – This is one of the most popular hybrid-style IWB holsters on the market – and for good reason. It is comfortable to wear and does a very good job at distributing the weight of the gun over a wider area. This means less (or none at all) pant sag where the gun is carried. I’ve worn this rig and like it. It is best for strong side carry, right behind the hip. The extra benefit to this holster is you can tuck a shirt over it.
  • SnapSlide – The SnapSlide is a simple but effective OWB rig that uses a Kydex shell attached to a leather backer. The Kydex secures the firearm while the leather is supple enough to curve to the body for improved comfort. The leather backer is long enough to spread the gun’s weight across a longer area. I’ve used this rig also. It works well, though I prefer inside the waistband for concealed carry. Nevertheless, it is a good choice for CCW if you prefer outside the waistband.
  • Hybrid ST2 – An updated version of the SuperTuck holster, this is an inside the waistband rig that uses similar hybrid construction: leather backer with a Kydex shell. Based on customer feedback, the company added a retention pocket to the rig similar to the one the company uses on its Reckoning holster. This allows you an infinite number of adjustments to the retention so you can find the perfect feel to your draw. Also, this rig has a straight-up draw but can be canted with an adjustment by you.
  • Reckoning System – This is another IWB rig from Crossbreed, but one with a different twist. With this VP9 holster, the company uses a narrower leather backer and adds a forward magazine carrier in its place. Additionally, it has the company’s original retention system that has since been integrated into other rigs like the Hybrid ST2.
  • Open Top Pancake Holster – Departing from the company’s standard hybrid rigs, CrossBreed is now offering all leather holsters. This one is a strong side, OWB holster in a traditional pancake design. While not cheap, it is significantly more affordable than many of the custom shops. It is available in both brown and black finishes.
  • Freedom Carry – Another IWB rig, this one is of a significantly different design than the flagship SuperTuck. It uses a hybrid construction, but has a smaller footprint. Additionally, it uses only one belt attachment point. This allows a limited amount of “float” with the body for improved comfort. Since there is less leather and hardware in this rig, it is both lighter and more affordable.
  • Magazine Carriers – CrossBreed offers OWB magazine carriers and tuckable IWB magazine carriers for the HK VP9.

Dara Holsters & Gear

Dara Holster for the VP9

I was recently contacted by a representative of Dara Holsters & Gear who let me know the company is now crafting rigs for the VP9. The company makes an IWB-style holster that uses 0.093″ thick Kydex and Melonite finished steel hardware. A “lifetime no b.s. warranty” backs up all of these scabbards.

Dara Holster

The MSRP starts at $51.99, and each rig can be customized to right- or left-handed draw, ride height, belt attachment, angle of draw and color. Additionally, the company can mold the rig any one of more than 25 different lights and/or lasers that you might have mounted to your pistol.


Update: DefenseWorx appears to have gone out of business. If you have any information about them, please leave it in the comments section down below.

Although there is no obvious way to order the holsters offered by DefenseWorx, the company does list the VP9 as one of the guns for which the company builds Kydex rigs. The website has a shopping cart, but it looks like you need to e-mail or call them to place an order. From the gallery on the site, it looks like the company offers IWB, OWB and paddle holsters.

DeSantis Gunhide

DeSantis Concealment

The folks at DeSantis always seem to be one of the first manufacturers to get concealment rigs out the door for new pistols. With the VP9, it was no different. At the time of this writing they are offering four different concealment holsters. Technically, they show five, but one is for an ankle holster. There is no way someone could reasonably carry a VP9 in a holster rig, so I can only assume that is a typo on their part.

Here are the four carry options:

  • Thumb Break Scabbard – This is a traditional leather, belt-slide type holster. The scabbards come standard with a thumb break for retention. The leather is dyed black.
  • Speed Scabbard – The Speed Scabbard is essentially the Thumb Break Holster with the thumb break removed. It is also available in black leather.
  • Tuck This II -Another inexpensive nylon holster, the Tuck This II is a tuckable design made of nylon. I do not recommend this holster, but I have listed it because I know that it may work for some people.
  • Intruder – This is a hybrid IWB design that is very similar to the CrossBreed SuperTuck above. It has a hard shell attached to a leather backer and uses a tuckable design. I like DeSantis products, but I’d rather have the CrossBreed design.
  • Infiltrator – This is another hybrid design that drops the leather backer in favor of a breathable mesh. Although the design is potentially nice, it is a bit more expensive.

Fury Carry Solutions

Fury Carry Solutions offers custom Kydex holsters for the VP9 pistols. The company has a lead time in excess of one month, but they appear to offer the largest range of weaponlight options. If you have a Streamlight, SureFire, Olight, Inforce or Viridian light, they can build you a holster.

best holster for the VP9

The designs aren’t eye-catching or stand out when compared to many of the alternative Kydex rigs on the market.  However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t very good. Unfortunately, I don’t have any direct experience with these holsters. If you own one, can you post your thoughts in the comments section below?


G-Code holsters are Kydex rigs made in the USA by Edge-Works Mfg Co. At the time of this writing, the company offers four holsters for the VP9: two IWB and two OWB. They are:

Phenom Stealth – This is an IWB rig that is suitable for appendix, strong side or reaction side carry. Among its features are a soft lining to reduce noise and protect the gun’s finish, a MoClaw wing that pushes the butt of the gun against the body for better concealment and a slim profile. The holster does not fully cover the pistol’s muzzle. I haven’t tried one of these, but I have it on my short list for purchase to review.

Phenom Speed – Essentially, this is a budget version of the Stealth above. It does not have the “tactical fuzz” liner and the MoClaw is an add-on. Otherwise, the rig offers the same styles of carry. It also extends down to fully enclose the VP9’s muzzle.

OSH Standard – The OSH Standard is an open top, OWB rig designed for heavy use. It uses a taco or wrap style of construction with an adjustable tension screw near the trigger guard to adjust the level of retention you desire.

XST RTI – Another OWB rig, this one adds a positive retention device called an “Over the Top, Power Assisted, Retention Canopy.” I believe this is similar to the rotating hood used by Safariland. The XST RTI is designed for heavy use and, according to the company, “built for combat.” This may be a good holster, but I have yet to find any retention holster that is on par with the Safariland series of duty rigs.

Garrett Industries

Garrett Industries (GI) lists the VP9 as being available for its line of holsters. GI holsters use a unique process to bond kydex to leather in an effort to offer the best of both worlds to customers. Kydex faces the exterior world, while leather lines the inside.

It is obviously more expensive than plain Kydex, but it may be worth it. The leather allows the guns to have a quieter draw and insertion while also keeping a soft surface next to your pistol’s finish.

There is a wide range of holsters made by GI that will fit the VP9. It is worth your time to go and take a look at what they have to offer. (Previously, I wrote that GI offered a duty holster for the VP9. The information on their site and the YouTube video demonstrating it have been removed. I can only assume the company no longer makes the duty holster.)

Jackson Leatherworks

Leather OWB open top holster for VP9

Jackson Leatherworks makes custom holsters for the VP9. You must contact them with what you need and they will respond with a quote. No prices are listed on the company’s website.

JM Custom Kydex

JM Custom Kydex offers a variety of H&K VP9 holsters for concealed carry. They offer several IWB styles for the handgun. If you like appendix carry, you should check out the company’s Wing Claw model that has an outboard fin to help keep the butt of your gun close to your body.

Nightingale Leather

As the name suggests, Nightingale Leather makes a variety of high-quality leather holsters for the HK VP9 pistol. Nightingale Leather has an impressive list of holsters including OWB, IWB, tuckable and shoulder models. At this time, the company lists a lead time of 38 weeks.

Nightingale Leather

I personally like the look of the Griffon V OWB holster in the dark brown with black reinforcement panel. This specific holster runs $135, but the additional exotic materials and options can cost hundreds more. Nightingale holsters offer exotic leathers such as shark and elephant.

Outlaw Holsters

Outlaw Holster for VP9

Florida-based Outlaw Holsters makes affordable OWB rigs for the HK pistol. These holsters can be had in right- and left-handed models. Also, a choice of finishes is available including Kryptek, carbon fiber and those shown above.


Phlster makes two basic holster that will fit the 9mm HK pistol. One is the Classic Holster. This is a synthetic appendix-type inside the waistband rig with a single belt loop to anchor to your belt.

The second holster made for the VP9 is called the Floodlight. This rig is a multi-fit holster that secures the gun by latching on a mounted weaponlight. It is compatible with only SureFire X300 Ultra and Streamlight TLR-1 lights.

Raven Concealment Solutions

Since I originally wrote this article, it seems that Raven Concealment Solutions scaled back its offerings. I can only find a single offering for the H&K pistol: the Morrigan. It looks like a Kydex taco with a length of Velcro at the bottom to adjust the retention. I’ve had no personal experience with these.


Safariland is one of the top names in the holster industry. I’ve relied on the company’s duty and concealment holsters for much of my adult life. I’ve learned to trust the company’s products. I only recommend Safarliand rigs for duty carry as I’ve never found another holster that will resist gun grabs as well as they do.

Safariland offers its flagship 7360 7TS SLS duty rig for the HK VP9 pistols. This level III retention holster is the best-designed rig on the market for uniformed service. I’ve used one for several years and was extremely pleased by its service. It is a tough holster that is fast to draw from yet resists gun grabs better than any other rig I have tried.

Bonus: The 7360 is made of a proprietary nylon called Safari Seven. It is completely non-abrasive to your gun’s finish (unlike Kydex.)

If you need a drop leg rig, you can’t go wrong with the Safariland 7004. The draw is the same as the 7360 duty holster (above) but it is on a leg platform with double straps. It also uses the non-abrasive Safari Seven material.

The company’s popular concealment rig, the 578 ProFit GLS, will fit the VP9. If you are not familiar with it, please read my Safariland 578 Holster Review. These holsters are very versatile and can actually fit multiple different handguns. (Note: Many multi-fit holsters are not very good. You can read my Phalanx Stealth Operator Review to see what I mean. That said, the 578 really does work with a range of weapons.)

Statureman Custom Holsters

Minnesota-based Statureman Custom Holsters is now making a variety of kydex options for your VP9. In fact, all of their full-size outside-the-waistband and inside-the-waistband holsters – with and without a mounted light – are ready to go for the new HK pistol.

Statureman offers a number of customizations to the holsters including a selection of more than 20 different Kydex colors and 10 different rivet/eyelet colors. Although I’ve never reviewed any of their holsters, I have seen a number of very positive things about these scabbards on YouTube. A review of one is below.

Unlike some custom holster makers, Statureman’s turn-around time is pretty quick. At the time of this writing, the company is currently estimating a three-week ship time from the day of order.

StealthGear USA

StealthGear Holster for VP9

A twist on the hybrid holster, the Onyx from StealthGear USA is now being made for the VP9. The Onyx uses a breathable backing, instead of leather, to allow for better airflow and a more comfortable experience.

One of our readers, John, says this about the Onyx:

Awesome product. It is light and breathable, form fitting, and comfortable.

John was also kind enough to provide these photos of his StealthGear USA holster.

Stealth USA Holster

Also, the guys at did a short video review of these holsters:

Sticky Holsters

The company Sticky Holsters make soft synthetic holsters that fit a wide range of handguns. According to several readers, the company’s LG-6 Short Stick Holster fits the VP9 pistol. The company site does not specifically state the pistol will fit this rig, but it does say the holster is designed for large automatics with a barrel length of 3″ to 4″. The holster is inexpensive.


YetiTac is accepting orders again. The company offers a range of holster options including IWB and OWB units. Personally, I like the company’s gear. You can read my YetiTac holster review for additional information.

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Last update: June 4, 2021

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what is your opinion on the VP9 tactical, compensator, red dot shoulder holster. Curious about your negative opinion on this style holster

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for this great list. I am going into armed security and will be carrying the VP9. Which in my opinion is way superior than the Glock 17. But the holster was definitely an issue, because a duty belt is 2″ whereas 99% of the holsters have clips that will only accommodate a belt that’s an Inch and a half. I will have to open carry, so your comments and recommendations led me to the Safariland holster. As a female, I think I am even at greater risk of having someone think they can get to my weapon, so yes, it’s an investment. I have 3 weapons in the IWB holsters from “We the people”, those are excellent holsters, and I looked there first, but there it was, OWB great, but only 1.5″ belt, and no safety.
I appreciate your help!

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