Glock RTF2 Finish on the Glock 22: Thousands of Polymer Spikes

At the 2009 SHOT Show, Glock introduced a new texture called “RTF2.” Claiming to be the “the new standard for operators working in the harshest conditions imaginable,” the RTF2 features a new style of texturing on the grip frame, and a new serration pattern on the rear of the slide.

Glock RTF2

The new RTF2 texturing on the Glock 22 is described in the Glock literature as “thousands of polymer spikes.”  I couldn’t agree more.  The RTF2 texture was not comfortable to hold.  In fact, it was downright unpleasant.  Yes, the RTF2 texture does seem to increase the bond between hand and gun, but at what cost to the hand?  I would not want to shoot one of these, but I suspect I will have to in the near future.