80% Builds

Liberty MkIX: 80% 1911 Frame with Significant Advances

If you like to build your own firearms, the Liberty MkIX line of 80% 1911 frames may be of great interest to you.

The new Liberty MkIX pistols from Freedom Concepts Laboratory promise fewer parts, lighter weight and improved fit for a range of shooters. With a range of frame sizes, you will be able to build a 1911-style handgun that meets your needs instead of trying to arrange your life around the gun’s size.

Sizes & Models

Initially, there will be three basic models:

  • MkIX-G – a government sized model with a 5″ slide, short accessory rail, full grip and 8 round magazine
  • MkIX-Gx – an extended model with a 5″ slide, full length accessory rail, full grip and 8 round magazine
  • MkIX-O – an officer sized model with a 4″ slide, short accessory rail, full grip and 8 round magazine
Liberty MkIX 1911 frame

All three models are made of a proprietary blend of glass filled polymer. The frame rails are made of steel for increased durability.

I should be careful to note that these are 80% receivers, or frames, and not completed firearms. To be used as a firearm, you must complete a number of machining actions on the part before it can be assembled into a working handgun. Once you complete the required machining operations, you can complete it with 1911 parts.

The machining process will require some simple tools and work on your end. Until the machining is complete, this is (legally speaking) just a hunk of polymer. It can be shipped straight to your home without paying $30 or more to have it transferred through an FFL.

80 percent 1911 frame

Yes, it is perfectly legal to build your own gun. Homemade firearms are completely lawful under federal law and most states. See my article on the federal requirements about applying a serial number to a homemade firearm for more information.

Fewer Parts

According to Freedom Concepts Laboratory, the new 80% 1911 frames use standard 1911 magazines, slides and internal parts. However, the company says the frames require 40% fewer parts than a standard 1911 pistol.

In addition to the 80% 1911 frames, the company will sell a reusable jig. This will be sold separately since it can be used to complete multiple firearms.

1911 frame jig

Freedom Concepts Laboratory states it will support the frames with a full line of parts kits to make assembling the guns as easy as possible for the home builder. This includes a “one box, one gun” package that includes all of the parts you need.

Hand Fit, Lefties

One of the things that 1911 shooters tend to love about the guns is the way they fit into the hand. However, that doesn’t mean the traditional 1911 grip is ideal for all shooters.

To improve the shooting experience for folks of all hand sizes, the company designed the frame to accept different sizes of backstraps. Interestingly, the patent pending backstrap system also captures the mainspring assembly. I look forward to seeing exactly what the designers did here.

left handed 1911

Left-handed shooters may be interested in the ambidextrous nature of this frame. The frame comes with the parts needed for a right-handed shooter: magazine release button and frame mounted safety on the left side of the gun.

However, the company will also offer an ambidextrous upgrade kit for $75. No modifications to the frame are needed to install the ambi kit.

Pricing, Where to Buy

The pricing of these new 80% frames is interesting. The full suggested retail price is $139. This puts them in the same ballpark as the Polymer80 frames for Glock compatible pistols.

However, to sweeten the deal, Freedom Concept Laboratory will offer full pistol kits that include everything you need to assemble a completed frame into a working 1911. These kits will have a MSRP that starts at only $399.

Liberty MkIX 1911 officers model

One of the complaints I hear regularly about building your own Glock-style pistol is that the cost of all the parts exceeds the price of just buying a new factory Glock. At $399, the Liberty 1911 is a real bargain. Not only do you get to build your own gun, but it comes in a lot cheaper than nearly any 1911-style pistol on the market.

All three of the models are expected to ship in March 2018.

Last Update: October 23, 2022

According to Freedom Concept Laboratory, the Liberty MkIX pistol frames will be sold through Brownells and the Glockstore. I’m a fan of both companies, and would not hesitate to do business with either in the future. If you like doing business with Brownells, please use my affiliate link here so that I receive a small portion of the profit from that sale. It doesn’t affect your price and it literally helps me feed my family. I do not have an affiliate relationship with Glockstore, but I recommend them regardless. You can access them through this link.

80% Builds

SS80: 80% Glock 43 Compatible Frame

Magill’s GlockStore announced the introduction of a new 80% Glock compatible pistol frame: the SS80. This is a subcompact frame that allows you to build a Glock 43 style pistol at home.

The SS80 is the first G43 compatible 80% frame on the market. It is also one of just a few Glock compatible 80% frames available.

SS80 Glock 43 frame complete gun shooting

What It Is

GlockStore’s SS80 is a glass filled polymer frame that is commonly referred to as an 80% frame or 80% lower. An 80% frame is an unfinished frame that requires finishing work done before it can be a functioning firearm.

SS80 Glock 43 frame

In the case of the SS80, you will need to remove portions of the polymer frame using a file or Dremel tool and then make four holes with a drill. Once this is done, it can be considered a firearm frame. Until then, it is legally just a hunk of plastic. It can be shipped straight to your door without the need to pay an FFL transfer fee.

The SS80 is not a Glock frame. Rather, it is a frame that is compatible with Glock 43 parts. This means that GlockStore set it up with a different look and feel than the G43. A few of the features of the SS80 frame include:

  • stippling-like grip texture for improved control of the pistol when shooting
  • frame and trigger undercuts in the trigger guard to allow for a higher grasp on the pistol
  • compared to a G43, the SS80 has a longer beavertail
  • metal rails that are longer than factory

When completed, the SS80 frame will accept single stack Glock 43 magazines and other standard parts. It will assemble like a factory G43 pistol.

SS80 Glock 43 frame kit

Included in the SS80 kit is:

  • polymer jig (the bright green “box” the frame goes in)
  • SS80 frame
  • locking block and metal rails (no polymer rails) plus pin for rear rails
  • drill bits needed to finish the frame

The suggested retail price is $150. At the time of this writing, the GlockStore has it on sale for $129.99.

Yes, these are made in the United States of America.

What It Is Not

The new SS80 is designed for G43 parts only. You cannot use it to make a .380 ACP chambered G42 clone.

Additionally, it is not a double stack frame that would allow you to build a G26/27 type pistol. However, Polymer80 is working on one of those and is expected to introduce them at the 2018 SHOT Show. Click this link for more information on the Polymer80 P940SC 80% frame.

Building Your Own – Parts & Tools

GlockStore put together a series of instructional videos that show you exactly how to finish and build the SS80 into a functioning firearm. I’ve followed the company’s other videos on building a Glock clone, and I have found them to be easy to follow. Also, the videos are professionally produced. You get clear sound and detailed images.

Some of the tools that you will need:

  • vise (optional, but makes things easier)
  • hand drill (optionally, you can use a drill press)
  • Dremel tool (optionally, you can use a file or knife but these will be slower)
  • WD40
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • finishing files

Once the lower is completed, you will need some additional tools to install the Glock compatible parts into the frame to build the functioning firearm. A set of punches and light hammer can help with assembly.

Building Your Own – Legal Issues

At the time of this writing, a citizen of the United States can build his or her own firearm for personal use without a license under federal law. This firearm does not need to have a serial number, be registered or be transferred through a federally licensed firearms dealer under federal law. I have no way of knowing what the law will be in the future, so please govern yourselves accordingly.

SS80 Glock 43 frame kit

State laws vary greatly, and you should definitely check with your local and state authorities on the legality of building your own pistol for personal use.

If you intend to build a firearm to sell or give away, you must have a license per federal law. This does not preclude you from building your own firearm and later trading it, selling it or giving it away as long as it was not built with that intention.

For additional information on the legalities of building your own firearm and requirements for serial numbers, check out my article “Am I Required to Apply a Serial Number to a Homemade Firearm.”

Final Thoughts

I’ve had a lot of fun building my own guns in the past. This kit looks like a solid 80% frame kit, and one that I will probably tackle at some point. I own a Glock 43, so I already have plenty of magazines that will run in this gun. It might be an interesting project to compare a completed SS80 vs a factory Glock 43 pistol.

Have you built an 80% gun? If so, sound off in the comments. I’d like to hear what people are building out there.

SS80 80% frame kit

Last update: October 23, 2022


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Polymer80 PF940SC: The New 80% SubCompact Glock Frame

Polymer80 PF940SC frame

It appears Polymer80 is set to release a new 80% Glock compatible pistol frame at the 2018 SHOT Show. Called the PF940SC, the new unfinished frame is designed to be compatible with the sub-compact sized Glock pistols like the G26 and G27.

Polymer80 offers a number of 80% receivers that allow you to complete various machining and assembly operations to turn them into working firearms. This allows the hobbyist shooter to literally build their own gun.

Before now, the company offered only two sizes of Glock compatible 80% frames – one for full sized guns and another for the compact (Glock 19 style) frame. The new PF940SC would allow shooters to build a complete set of Glock compatible pistols.

The 80% frames are not copies of the Glock frame. Rather, they are new designs that are compatible with standard Glock parts. As a builder, you can simply order OEM parts kits and build your own pistol with this frame once you complete the needed machining on the frame.

Building a Polymer80 Glock
With the original Polymer80 Glock compatible frame, you had to mill the slide rails. The PF940SC does not require milling the rails.

The new frame uses reinforced polymer for a combination of strength and modest weight. A jig is included along with the tooling needed to machine the frame. Polymer80 opted to use a Picatinny-type accessory rail to allow the use of a light or laser when completed.

A stainless steel locking block with front rails and a drop-in rear stainless steel rail module are used. This is similar to the design used on the existing compact frames, and a significant improvement over the original full size frames. The original full size frame uses polymer rear rails that have to be milled, filed and hand fitted. It works, but it does take a lot of time to perfect.

Shooting an 80% Glock pistol
I built a Glock compatible pistol (full size) with a Polymer80 frame. I look forward to trying out the new PF940SC also.

Polymer80 anticipates a retail price of $149.99 when they come to market. This is in line with the company’s other Glock compatible frames.

If you’ve never built your own firearm using an 80% lower or frame, you might be surprised at how easy it is. It requires time and tools, but can be done as a Saturday project. Many guns – from AR-style rifles to 1911 compatible pistols – are made by hobbyists, and are completely legal under federal law. Check out my article on the legalities of home made guns without serial numbers for more information. If you are ready to jump in and build your own, you can click here and buy one of the Polymer80 frames from Brownells. It will be shipped right to your door without any need for the ridiculous fees associated with gun transfers.

Disclosure is a for-profit website. I do not charge readers a dime to access the information I provide.

Some of the links on this page and site are affiliate links to companies like Amazon and Palmetto State Armory. These links take you to the products mentioned in the article. Should you decide to purchase something from one of those companies, I make a small commission.

The links do not change your purchase price. I do not get to see what any individual purchases.