CMMG 50 Caliber Muzzle Loading AR15 Upper

CMMG AR15 Muzzle Loader

At the 2012 SHOT Show, Aaron brought us a video of a muzzle loading, black powder AR-15 upper from CMMG.  At that time, it was unknown if the company would actually bring this to market.  Well…they have.

The one and only AR upper that turns your modern rifle into a black powder gun is a reality.  It mounts to any mil-spec lower and is sure to get you some puzzled looks at hunting camp during black powder season.

Any normal 50 caliber projectile, including sabots, can be fired from this kit.  Up to 100 grains of pelletized powder can be used to propel said projectile.  To fire the gun, you insert the “Single Shot Sled” into the magazine well and chamber a primed, but otherwise empty, 5.56/.223 case into the chamber.  Pull the trigger and the primer ignites the black powder.  Boom.

Watch the video from the SHOT Show below to see how the gun is set up.