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Blackhawk Diversion Carry Bags

Blackhawk Diversion bag

Blackhawk is producing the Diversion line of carry cases and bags that provide shooters, and CCW holders, the ability to carry their weapons in a more discreet manner. These bags are Blackhawk’s solution for active individuals who carry every day items or sports gear, and need their firearm within arm’s reach in the same bag.

The Diversion bags are fully functional in their general purpose design. Made of high quality 420-500 denier nylon with popular color schemes, the bags blend in with “ordinary” bags. However, each Diversion bag is specifically designed to house a firearm, and provide quick access to the stored firearm for owner protection. Access is achieved with pass-through pockets, or compartments with large zippers and easy-grip pull tabs to avoid fumbling with fine motor skills in dire times.


Blackhawk Knoxx Stock: Gen II SpecOps

[Ed. note: The information on the current generation of Knoxx Stock, the Blackhawk! Gen II SpecOps, was previously submitted during the 2012 SHOT Show.  For whatever reason, I failed to get it posted properly. Better late than never, right?]

The Blackhawk booth at SHOT Show this year was a little more subdued than in previous years. In the last couple of years, the booth has been full of clothing, duty gear, breaching equipment, and weapons accessories. And there always seemed to be a steady stream of people moving through the booths.

This was the first full year after ATK bought Blackhawk back in mid-2010. The booth was combined into one large area instead of two areas, as in previous years. However, it seemed that the number of items on display seemed greatly reduced. Perhaps the idea was to focus on the most current offerings, as past years had a mixture of old and new. Whatever the marketing strategy was, it didn’t stop Blackhawk from marketing some really nice products. One of those products was the redesigned and improved Gen II SpecOps Knoxx Stock that came out last year.

Blackhawk Knoxx Stock


The first generation SpecOps Knoxx stock was well received as a very versatile accessory option for shotgun shooters. Traditionally shotguns have either had a fixed stock, a fixed pistol grip stock, or no stock at all. The concept Blackhawk brought to shotgunners was to provide the best of all those features in one stock.