Boberg XR9-L: Longslide Version of this Unique Pistol

Boberg XR9-L

The Boberg XR9-L is a new addition to the company’s ingenious concealed carry line of pistols.  There are a lot of unique features to this pistol that are explained farther down.  If you are already familiar with the pistols, I’ll quickly fill you in on the differences in this model.

Essentially, the XR9-L is the same gun as the company’s original XR9-S, but with a little added on to the end of the barrel and slide.  It has the same length grip and overall height.  It is the same width.  The magazines are the same.

The barrel on the XR9-L, however, is 4.2″ long, which is up from the shorter XR9’s 3.35″ barrel.  Gun length is longer as well:  5.95″ vs. 5.1″.  The sight radius is also increased to 5.25″ from 4.4″