New Ruger Guide Gun

Mere days ahead of the 2013 SHOT Show, we get out first glimpse at the Ruger Guide Gun.  The new series of rifles are rugged, compact rifles weighing between 8 to 8.12 pounds. The guns are chambered in serious calibers:  .30-06, .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, .375 Ruger, .300 RCM and .338 RCM.  When the .30-06 is pretty much the starting point, you know you’ve got a major boom stick.

Ruger Guide Gun

The gun has classic lines, but is an eye-catcher due to its combination of stainless steel finish and a Green Mountain laminate stock.  The stock is supposed to be resistant to changes through various environmental changes.  Sitting in a rack of guns at the local shop, every shooter will notice this gun.  Love it or hate it, it will get noticed.

One of the most visually striking things about the new guide gun is the use of a radical-port muzzle brake.  It is the single thing on the rifle that looks a little out of place.  It looks a little “modern” for a gun with pretty classic styling.  However, a good muzzle brake can really ratchet down felt recoil.  Ask any .50 BMG shooter.  But, muzzle brakes make shooting the gun much louder.  Ask the guy next to the .50 BMG shooter.