The Ongoing Ammunition Shortage

399768_5485-01In the past year, I have run ammunition price updates every few months.  I can’t do that anymore.  None of the cartridges I had followed are in stock, or expected to be in stock, in the near future.  In fact, a lot of ammo of all types is sold out at most locations.

The WalMart stores near me seemingly have people lined up at the ammo counter every morning, waiting to buy ammunition that is on the daily truck delivery.  Online vendors can’t keep ammo in stock, either.

Unable to find any .223/5.56 ammunition locally for a head-to-head test of AR-15 magazines later this month, I contacted some of the ammunition manufacturers to ask for their assistance in procuring some.  The responses I received were almost exclusively apologetic, as very few manufacturers have any .223, and those that do are shipping them to fulfill backlogged contracts.

I traded e-mails with Ed Grasso, the majority owner of Sellier & Bellot, USA.  Sellier & Bellot, USA is the exclusive importer of Sellier & Bellot (S&B) ammunition.