Safety Harbor Firearms: New Shotguns!

Safety Harbor Firearms

Safety Harbor Firearms is rolling out several new shotguns ahead of the 2012 SHOT Show.  All three are short-barreled shotgunsfrom the company’s KEG line.

Two new models of KEG 12 (Kompact Entry Gun) shotguns seem to live up to the line’s name as they are outfitted with breacher-style muzzle brakes.  Watching the video (below), it would appear the brakes do a respectable job of limiting recoil.

One of the new KEG12’s has a 7 1/4″ barrel, while the second uses a 10″ barrel.  Both have a one-shell extension on the magazine tube, taking capacity up to four 2 3/4″ shells (3+1) for the shorter KEG12, and five shells (4+1) for the longer gun.