Lime Green Walther P22

Lime Green Walther P22This previously escaped my notice, but you can buy a lime green Walther P22 in a carbon fiber finish.  I don’t know what kind of demand there is for a lime green pistol, but Walther has that market covered.

MSRP on this gun is $410 and it available as a Talo Distributors exclusive.  Lipsey’s lists the pistol in their catalog, so if you can’t find it locally, your dealer can probably order you a lime green Walther P22.

Color aside, the Walther P22 has been quite popular with the rimfire crowd.  The handgun is chambered for the inexpensive and fun to shoot .22 LR and has a sporty style.  The P22 also has a reasonable price tag.  A lot of people really like the ergonomics of these pistols.  I’ve been told by some shooters that this gun is the best fitting pistol they have ever held.