Lime Green Walther P22

Lime Green Walther P22This previously escaped my notice, but you can buy a lime green Walther P22 in a carbon fiber finish.  I don’t know what kind of demand there is for a lime green pistol, but Walther has that market covered.

MSRP on this gun is $410 and it available as a Talo Distributors exclusive.  Lipsey’s lists the pistol in their catalog, so if you can’t find it locally, your dealer can probably order you a lime green Walther P22.

Color aside, the Walther P22 has been quite popular with the rimfire crowd.  The handgun is chambered for the inexpensive and fun to shoot .22 LR and has a sporty style.  The P22 also has a reasonable price tag.  A lot of people really like the ergonomics of these pistols.  I’ve been told by some shooters that this gun is the best fitting pistol they have ever held.

Specifications on the Lime Green Carbon Fiber Walther P22 pistol:

  • Model # QAP22515
  • DA/SA style
  • .22 LR
  • 10 round magazine (ships with one mag)
  • blued finish on metal, lime green polymer frame
  • 3.4″ barrel length
  • 16.9 ounces (empty)
  • adjustable sights

Talo Distributors notes that they sell about 1500 of the standard carbon fiber finished Walther P22 handguns each year.  I expect that the lime green version will sell somewhat less than that, but the market will certainly determine how many move through the dealers.

Walther P22 in Flat Dark Earth

If lime green is a little over the top for your firearms collection, you can now get a Walther P22 pistol in a more respectable flat dark earth.  Lipsey’s is selling (through your local retailer, of course) a special edition version of the P22 handgun in the matte brown finish.

Other than the color, the guns appear to feature the standard appointments found on other P22 pistols.  It is chambered in .22 LR, has a 3.42″ barrel and ships with one 10-round magazine.

By Richard Johnson

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