LMT Compressor PDW

LMT Compressor

LMT Defense announced the release of a new personal defense weapon (PDW) called the Compressor. Shown at the 2016 SHOT Show, the new Compressor is a relatively short AR-style rifle available in one of two rifle calibers: 5.56 NATO or 300 BLK.

The new gun uses the company’s PDW assembly on a standard AR lower. The assembly includes:

  • modified SOPMOD stock
  • shortened extension tube
  • redesigned buffer assembly
  • drop in weight for bolt carrier

As with other LMT rifles, this unit uses a monolithic upper receiver with attachment points for accessories. The rifle comes with a 10.5″ barrel standard. Overall, the gun is only 24.5″ long. Compared to the 30+” of a typical AR, this is definitely a more compact weapon.

The suggested retail price on the new gun is $2,691.02. According to LMT, the rifle will run suppressed and unsuppressed with equal reliability.

PDW Conversions

LMT Defense also announced a PDW conversion kit. With the $455 kit, you can convert virtually any mil-spec AR15 rifle on the market to work as a PDW. The kit includes the modified SOPMOD stock, extension tube, buffer assembly and drop in weight for the bolt carrier.

Once equipped with this kit, the rifle should run any 5.56 NATO or 300 BLK without additional modification. This includes both suppressed and unsuppressed weapons.