Pink Rifles from Smith & Wesson

I don’t much care for pink guns.  Too many of them are simply the standard model firearm, dipped in pink and marketed as a “gun for girls.”  However, I do like pink guns with attitude.  That is exactly what Smith & Wesson is selling through Talo Distributors.

pink smith wesson MP15-22

S&W is making two custom versions of the company’s M&P15-22 rifle.  Both are in “pink platinum” finish.  Pink platinum is the same finish that the custom Walther P22 pistols were made in last year.  I liked the paint scheme on the Walther, and I like it even more on the M&P15-22.

The “standard” pink platinum M&P has an M4-type adjustable stock, quad rail handguard, 16″ threaded barrel, A1-type flash hider and a 25-round magazine.  The receiver has a full length Picatinny rail, which allows the easy installation of optics if the standard iron sights aren’t your cup of tea.