CZ550 Urban Counter Sniper Rifle

There are many names in quality sniper rifles, and CZ now appears ready to add their name to the contenders. CZ was showing off their CZ 550 Urban Counter Sniper rifle at the 2012 SHOT Show. The rifle design showed a lot of promise, and the materials addressed many needs of tactical operators. If the CZ 550 is made with the same care and craftsmanship of the famous CZ-75 or the new CZ P-07 Duty pistols, this rifle should begin making a name for itself in short order.

CZ 550 Sniper Rifle

This area of firearms is not one to be entered lightly, as the competition is fierce. There are heavy hitters in the form of Remington, Savage, Accuracy International, H-S Precision, and G&A Precision. In the European market, and a lessor influence in America, there is Steyr. The Remington 700 is perhaps the cornerstone of all American sniper rifles dating back to the 1960’s, and still holds a commanding influence and market share.

CZ 550 Urban Counter Sniper Rifle

Chambered in .308 Winchester, perhaps the most widely used police sniper caliber in America, the CZ 550 looks to offer a few features to set it apart from some of the big names in this arena. At first glance the viewer immediately recognizes that this rifle is designed for compact carry and maneuvers. There seems to be a definite acknowledgment of Col. Jeff Cooper’s ideas and requirements for a scout rifle. This rifle is compact, . 30 caliber, and has a 10-round detachable magazine. The rifle comes with a olive green coated barrel, and a black stock with green paint looking splashes.