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Don’t Kill Yourself: Gun Safety Tips

I feel the need to review the rules of gun safety with my readers.  Not that I think any of you don’t know them.  Actually, I think most of you could recite them in your sleep.

I’m more concerned about people who get so comfortable with guns, they no longer respect what they can do.  The moment you don’t respect the lethality of a firearm, and fail to follow the rules, you will most assuredly find yourself in a bad way.

Some of you know that I am a full-time cop with an urban agency in Florida.  Well, the first call out of the gate yesterday was for a real “gun guy” who failed to follow the rules.  The good news is he lived.  The bad news is he may not be able to use his left hand…or what’s left of it…after this little gun handling faux pau.  A .357 Magnum will do that, you know.

Let me try to explain the damage that one casual disregard of the rules made.  I don’t have photos for you, so I can only hope my words are enough to impress upon you to pay attention!

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Firearms Safety

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Get a new gun for Christmas?  Congratulations!  Owning a firearm is a very positive thing, but it comes with the very serious responsibility of safe handling, storage and use.


A firearm will never discharge without human intervention.  This means a loaded gun laying on the table is no threat to anyone, unless a person walks over and begins to handle it.  So, the firearms community developed a set of four rules to follow when handling a firearm.

All firearms are always loaded – Always treat a firearm as if is loaded.  Even if you just checked it, always assume it is loaded.  There are many cases where someone thought the gun was unloaded, and tragedy struck because it was not.

Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy – Don’t point a gun at your friends, wife, husband, dog, TV or anything else that would be hurt, killed or destroyed by a bullet.  If you accidentally discharge a firearm that is pointed in a ‘safe’ direction, no one is killed.  If you are pointing the gun at a loved one…