Archives for October 2007

Ruger SR9 Pistol: New Handgun for Serious Self Defense

Sturm, Ruger and Company has released a new combat pistol for police work and self-defense: the SR9. The SR9 is Ruger’s first striker-fired pistol, and it features a glass-filled nylon frame.  Essentially this is a polymer that has been reinforced with fiberglas to be extremely tough and durable.  It is comprable to a Glock or […]

LaserMax Introduces the Uni-Max Green Laser for Combat Firearms

LaserMax introduced a new laser aiming device using green light. The unit is capable of being used on both pistols and rifles. Due to its compact profile, it should work very well with even smaller handguns. Based on the scientific research, green is easier than red for the human eye to see – especially under […]

New SIG P250 Pistol at IACP Convention

The Shooting Wire is reporting that SIG SAUER will be releasing a new full-sized pistol, the SIG P250, this weekend at the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention. The firearm has different sized polymer grips/frames that the metal receiver drops down into. A few of these have been seen in some of the consumer gun […]