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If you are looking for the best lubes, solvents or techniques to clean your gun, this is the best place to start.  Here at we shoot a lot of firearms, and all of that blasting requires a considerable amount of scrubbing.  No one wants to waste time with an ineffective cleaner:  not us and not you.  So here are a few reviews of cleaning products we have tested.

American Gun Oil Evaluation – We take a look at this lube that is dressed in red, white and blue.  But, is it a hard-working oil like the labor force of old, or is it weak and thin like the modern work force fielded by today’s America?  We take a close look at this oil and let you know if it is better for your guns or popcorn.

Break Free Bore Cleaning Foam Evaluation – The name Break Free is recognized by many in the firearms industry.  But few know about their bore cleaning foam.  This pressurized canister allows a shooter to fill a pistol or rifle bore with a mild solvent.  How well does it work?  Read the article, but I do like the stuff.

Gunslick Snap-n-Pull Shotgun Cleaning Kit – I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for a lightweight, compact kit I can carry into the field to give my gun a quick clean if its been dropped in the mud or fired a few times.  If home is a long way off, having a great kit like this might save you some scrubbing later.

J Dewey AR-15 Field Cleaning Kit – One of the premier names in the firearms scrubbing business is J Dewey.  This is a top notch kit for keeping your rifle or carbine clean.  You will be exceptionally happy with this one, but you better read the article for the full information.

RAND CLP Review – Sometimes you come across a product that makes some pretty bold claims, and no matter how hard you try to disprove them, they deliver.  That is how the RAND CLP is – a great performer for cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection.  This is one of my favorite CLPs.

Remington Squeeg-E Cleaning Kit – Without a doubt, Remington threw everything they could think of into this “ultimate” kit.  Read Aaron’s review of this piece of cleaning kit.  If you need only one package to service a lot of different guns, you might want this one.

Gun Lubes

Gun oils are a difficult thing to quantify.  Some are petroleum-based, while others are “green lubes.”  Some stink, while others have a fresh, almost minty smell.  But, how do you tell which is the best?

Finding the best gun oil can be tough.  Some gun oils are designed for lubrication and metal protection only.  Others are designed to offer a bit of cleaning too.  A CLP-style oil is so named because it cleans, lubricates and protects.  Generally, I have found the CLPs can do a good job on each aspect of their intended purpose.  However, they may not do a superior job at any one thing.

There are a lot of different lubricants out there.  We will continue to evaluate them as we can and add them to the list.

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