Saiga-9 Carbine


This is the Vityaz-SN, the SMG on which the new Saiga-9 is modeled.

Russian arms manufacturer JSC Izhmash is gearing up to produce the Saiga-9 carbine, a civilian version of the Vityaz-SN submachine gun.  The new Saiga-9 will be chambered in 9mm (aka 9×19).

The new carbine was introduced at the 2012 Russian Hunting and Sporting Goods show in September.  Currently, I don’t have much information on the Saiga-9, other than it is the “civil equivalent” of the SMG.

Below is a video of the Vityaz-SN in action.  Expect that the Saiga-9 will look similar (with a longer barrel no doubt), but will lack the automatic fire.

The Vityaz-SN uses 30-round magazines, which I expect would carry over to the new Saiga-9 carbine.   I would also expect the standard iron sights, Picatinny rail on the receiver cover and the folding stock to carry over.

The only question is would Izhmash make a pistol version of this gun, dropping the stock and keeping the short barrel?  That might be a Saiga-9 that would be extremely popular.  But then again, I expect a carbine version to be very popular in the US as well.  (Assuming it is imported.)

Saiga-9 carbine

Another view of the Vityaz-SN. Will the Saiga-9 have a folding stock? Probably – but don’t expect the select fire switch or short barrel.

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