MasterPiece Arms 5.7×28 SBR

MPA 5.7x28 SBR

MasterPiece Arms is now making a short barrel rifle (SBR) version of their 5.7×28 gun.  The new SBR has a threaded 8″ barrel for the included muzzle brake, or for the MPA Suppressor (which is shown in these photos but does not come with the gun).  Yes, all NFA rules do apply.

The MPA57SST-SBR (aka MasterPiece Arms 5.7×28 SBR) comes outfitted with an MPA short aluminum quadrail and a Strike Industries foregrip.  Based on the photos, the foregrip appears to be the “Cobra Tactical” that normally retails for $25.

A low-profile, side folding buttstock is standard equipment on this gun.  The MasterPiece Arms SBR also ships with a 20-round magazine, gun case and adjustable front sight.  Additionally, a Picatinny-style rail on top of the receiver allows the easy addition of any optic.  The optic shown in these photos does not ship with the gun.

Strike Industries Cobra Grip
This is a Cobra grip from Strike Industries, which will be standard equipment on the MPA 5.7×28 SBR.

At the 2012 SHOT Show, MPA announced pistol and carbine versions of this gun.  My personal favorite of the bunch was the A-TACS finished version.

What I think is great, is that more and more companies are making NFA products.  In this case, MasterPiece Arms is making an SBR which is just begging for the addition of a suppressor.  It is almost like someone figured out that the NFA boogeyman is a paper tiger, requiring just a little more paper to get it done.  Now, I’m all about repealing much of the NFA and deregulating SBRs and suppressors, and I think that the additional paperwork and costs are illegal.  However, I applaud everyone who is making and buying these guns in spite of the NFA.

MPA 57x28 SBR

The MPA57SST-SBR comes with a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.  MSRP is $799.95, which does not include any of the tax stamps/paperwork required by the feds.

By Richard Johnson

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