Coonan Silver Bullets

The new Coonan Silver Bullets are likely the ultimate piece in your anti-werewolf arsenal. Just released, these new .357 Magnum rounds feature bullets that are jacketed in 99% pure silver.

Exact specs are not available on the cartridges but assume they are powerful enough to both reliably cycle the Coonan .357 Magnum 1911 and to drop the evil undead in their tracks.

The rounds are loaded for Coonan by Atomic Ammunition, a company that manufactures match ammo that is smokin’ hot.  According to Coonan’s Facebook page, these rounds are “…loaded very hot.”

The Atomic Ammunition “regular” .357 Magnum pushes a 158 grain bonded hollowpoint to 1350 fps from a 4″ barrel. Similar loads from the larger ammo companies run at about 1200-1250 fps for a 158 grain bullet from an unknown length barrel. All of Atomic Ammunition’s loads fall within SAAMI specs, but I bet there isn’t much room for error.

The Coonan Silver Bullets are sold in blister packs of eight cartridges that are stored in a hardwood ash anti-vampire stake, which makes this kit a triple threat to the undead: werewolves, bloodsuckers and the humble zombie.

Coonan Silver Bullets

The whole zombie meme has been overplayed with green rifle stocks, knives and grips from virtually every manufacturer in the firearms industry. This, however, has style.

Developing the silver (real, freakin’ silver) jackets and vampire stakes took some effort and had to cost a fair bit of money. This is not a low-end product for the airsoft mall ninja. This is a cool bit of kit for folks with a few more dollars in their pocket. Coonan develops quality products, not cheap ones.

Coonan Silver Bullet Ammo

The package warnings are a riot, by the way. Understandably, there is a warning that these cartridges are live ammo, not toys. But from there, the warning gets much more interesting. My favorite?

WARNING! If you are confronted by a Werewolf, Vampire, or Zombie, STOP drinking!

Coonan Silver Bullet

If you are thinking that someone else already makes a silver bullet, you are probably thinking about a Winchester bullet called the Silvertip, which uses a silver-colored jacket. Though silver-colored, it does not contain silver, which could be a fatal mistake should you rely on it for undead hunting. The Silvertip has been around for more than 30 years and is used in 17 different Winchester loads. The Coonan Silver Bullets are only available in .357 Magnum.

Eight rounds of Coonan Silver Bullets plus the ash vampire stake will cost you $49.95. Sure, it ain’t cheap. But, since silver is well north of $30/ounce nowadays, they simply cannot be made cheaply. Nope, there is not an ounce of silver in the package, but I imagine Coonan and Atomic likely went through a pound or two in the load development.

Below is a video of the Coonan .357 Magnum 1911 firing the Silver Bullets at a recent shooting event (SHTF-2). Check out the ring of fire…


It looks like Coonan has renamed and relaunched the Silver Bullets product I told you about in October. The package is now marketed as the Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit, referring to the ability to take on vampires, zombies and werewolves.

You see, the package contains a pre-sharpened stake for the bloodsuckers and 99% pure silver jacket bullets for the lycanthropes. Either of the above can be used on zombies. Of course, so can a camp shovel, guitar, baseball bat, flamethrower and garden shears.

The really good news is the price has dropped from $49.99 to $39.99. That is a pleasant surprise.

Coonan Triple Threat flyer

Last Update: October 17, 2022

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Hi Randy,

We are a news & reviews site and do not sell anything. However, I checked with Coonan earlier in the year and they have discontinued these sets.

If anyone knows of a craftsman making silver bullets or ammunition with silver bullets, would you mind posting the information for Randy and other readers who might be interested?


Would like to purchase 100 rounds of silver tipped.40 and 9mm. Can be JHP or fmj… got a dogman running around these woods.

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