More on the Saiga-9 Carbine

We’re getting out first photos of the new Saiga-9 carbine from Izhmash.  This photo was taken at the company’s demo booth at the Arms and Hunting Expo held in Moscow last month.

Saiga-9 carbine

As you can see in the photo, the Saiga-9 retains many of the styling cues from the Vityaz-SN, on which the new carbine is based.  The folding rear stock retains the triangle shape and the pistol grip appears to be the same.  Like the military weapon, the Saiga-9 has a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver cover, allowing for the addition of optics.

Unlike the original Vityaz-SN, however, the Saiga-9 has three short rails on the fore end so you can easily add a vertical grip (as shown) or a white light, laser targeting designator or other Acme-certified Mall Ninja™ gear.  The barrel is also significantly longer, though the muzzle device appears to be the same.  If this gun is to be imported into the US, the company will have to make the barrel length a minimum of 16″ (not including any removable muzzle devices.)

Here is another photo provided by prolific military photographer Vitaly V. Kuzman:

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PredatorBDU wrote about the new Molot Vepr-9 carbine that is a likely competitor to the Saiga-9.  The civilian Vepr-9 has a similar configuration to the Saiga-9, but has some significant differences.  Among them is the use of a Magpul stock and an ambidextrous, reciprocating charging handle.  Definitely go over to the PredatorBDU site and check out the details.

Saiga-9 Specifications:

  • caliber:  9×19
  • weight (no magazine): 6.4 pounds
  • length (folded):  23″
  • length (extended stock):  31.7″
  • magazine capacity:  10 rounds
  • MSRP:  about $925 (US)

The above measurements are conversions from metric to english, so slight variations due to minor rounding can be expected.  Also, the MSRP is converted from rubles to US dollars.  This exchange rate is in constant flux, so this number is very fluid.  As inflation continues to grow in the US, the MSRP can be expected to increase.

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