DoubleTap Equalizer Ammo

DoubleTap Equalizer ammo uses two projectiles in a single cartridge to deliver a devastating blow on the target:  both game animals and criminal attackers.  The projectiles are of different design, each wounding the target in different manners.

DoubleTap Equalizer

The exposed bullet is a standard jacketed hollowpoint.  The second projectile is stacked under the hollowpoint and is solid lead.  Exact configuration of the second projectile – ball or wadcutter type bullet – depends on the load.  There are some great photos of these cartridges and bullets at the IAA forum here.

Assuming everything works as advertised, the hollowpoint would strike the target and mushroom as designed.  The second projectile would then penetrate deep, creating a second, and different, wound channel.

But, can both projectiles hit a single target?  The key is in making sure the bullets do not spread too far away from each other.  According to DoubleTap’s blog, the accuracy of these loads is exceptionally good.  At 25 yards the projectiles are within 2″ of each other.  Tom Gresham, host of the Gun Talk radio program, stated he was seeing a 2″ – 4″ spread on the projectiles at about 20 yards.

The hollowpoint hits point of aim, according to the information posted on the DoubleTap site.  The second projectile rises slightly, meaning it will hit a little higher than the JHP.

The concept of duplex ammo is not new, though I’m not sure anyone has really perfected the concept.  One of my favorite historical firearms that was designed to use duplex ammunition was the Winchester Salvo rifle.  The Salvo rifle was a military prototype gun based on the FAL.  The Salvo rifle sort-of welded two FAL receivers together to create a double mag, double barrel automatic rifle.  The gun was chambered in a .22 caliber centerfire cartridge that was loaded with two projectiles in each load.  So, with each pull of the trigger, four projectiles went downrange.  You can read more about the Winchester Salvo rifle here.

The DoubleTap Equalizer line is currently available for a range of self-defense and hunting handguns.  Calibers include 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm, .41 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .454 Casull and .500 S&W Magnum.   The DoubleTap site isn’t the easiest to navigate and compare products, so I’ve listed the ammo loads here in this table.  You can sort the table by column if you like.

DoubleTap Equalizer Ammo

CaliberTest GunHP Bullet Weight (grains)Hard Cast Ball/Bullet Weight (grains)Velocity (fps)Energy (ft-lbs)
9mm +PBeretta 92 FS11550995365
9mm +PRuger SR911550900297
.357 MagnumRuger GP-100 (4")125701075500
.357 MagnumSmith & Wesson (1 7/8")12570990424
.357 MagnumSmith & Wesson 686 (6")125701145568
.40 S&WGlock 23135501000411
10mmGlock 29135951040553
.41 MagnumRuger Blackhawk (6.5")210901100806
.44 MagnumColt Anaconda (6")1801201160896
.44 MagnumRuger Alaskan (2.5")1801201050734
.45 ACP +P1911 (5") 18570835395
.454 Casull7.5" barrel1851401100874
.454 Casull2.5" barrel185140990707
.500 S&W Magnum8.375" barrel30018013301886
A quick overview at the Equalizer line from DoubleTap Ammunition.

A .38 Special cartridge was mentioned on the May 12, 2013 episode of Gun Talk by DoubleTap Ammunition’s CEO Mike McNett.  I could not locate the load on the company’s website.  However, McNett stated the new load will uses a 110 grain JHP and a 50 grain “hockey puck” for deep cutting damage.

If you have had a chance to shoot any of the DoubleTap Equalizer ammo, sound off in the comments section below.  Love it or hate it – let your fellow shooters know what you think.

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  • Marc

    Some secondary projectiles look very light.

  • PaseMkr

    Interesting, but I would have to see more about this and also hear real users comments on their experiences. It is intriguing, but I would have to see a lot more on the actual performance of this ammo before I would carry it for SD.

  • Robert Weth

    Marines experimented with duplex rounds in the M14 for jungle warfare….I’ve used three .31 musket balls in 32H&R cases with 4grains of unique for years…all hit paint can lid at 20 paces…In my personal opinion Double Tap is top drawer….you would be well served by any ammo out of their inventory.Robert 1001%Marine

  • Russel Sellick

    I have loaded SSG in 38 Special cases, they usually weigh 70grs each. I did not chrono them but gave some to a friend who shot a villain with them with all 12 hit and the villain ceased and desisted for all time. The police were a little confused!

  • Ron Dunning

    This ammo was tested to day on gun talk Tv went through 2 walls 250 grain.