DoubleTap Equalizer Ammo

DoubleTap Equalizer ammo uses two projectiles in a single cartridge to deliver a devastating blow on the target:  both game animals and criminal attackers.  The projectiles are of different design, each wounding the target in different manners.

DoubleTap Equalizer

The exposed bullet is a standard jacketed hollowpoint.  The second projectile is stacked under the hollowpoint and is solid lead.  Exact configuration of the second projectile – ball or wadcutter type bullet – depends on the load.  There are some great photos of these cartridges and bullets at the IAA forum here.

Assuming everything works as advertised, the hollowpoint would strike the target and mushroom as designed.  The second projectile would then penetrate deep, creating a second, and different, wound channel.

But, can both projectiles hit a single target?  The key is in making sure the bullets do not spread too far away from each other.  According to DoubleTap’s blog, the accuracy of these loads is exceptionally good.  At 25 yards the projectiles are within 2″ of each other.  Tom Gresham, host of the Gun Talk radio program, stated he was seeing a 2″ – 4″ spread on the projectiles at about 20 yards.

The hollowpoint hits point of aim, according to the information posted on the DoubleTap site.  The second projectile rises slightly, meaning it will hit a little higher than the JHP.


Heizer DoubleTap .45

The Heizer DoubleTap is a two-shot .45 ACP pistol that was announced last year, and subsequently shown at the 2012 SHOT Show.  The DoubleTap is a very thin, lightweight gun designed for concealed carry.  As it is very flat, it could make an excellent pocket gun.

Heizer DoubleTap .45

The new Heizer pistol is an all-metal gun that is fully machined.  The DoubleTap can be purchased with a titanium frame or with and aluminum frame.  The pistol weighs 14 ounces in titanium.  In the aluminum configuration, weight drops to 12 ounces.  Both versions are only 5/8″ thick.

The barrels are called “quick-changing” and allow the shooter to swap from the standard .45 ACP to a 9mm cartridge.  No tools are needed to switch barrels.  Barrels can also be had ported for reduced muzzle flip.