Taurus View: Clear Side Plate, 1.4″ Barrel, 9 oz

Taurus 85 View

Taurus will be selling a new version of the popular model 85 revolvers in 2014 called the View.  The Taurus View is a double action only (DAO) revolver chambered for the .38 Special.  What gives this gun its name is the clear Lexan side plate that gives you a look at the internal workings of the gun.

However, the clear side plate is not the only thing that stands out about this new revolver.

The View revolvers will have an ultra-short 1.41″ barrel and an overall length of only 5.67″.  These guns use a titanium cylinder and barrel with an aluminum frame.  Total weight is only nine ounces, yet they remain +P rated.  I imagine the fireball from high pressure rounds will be impressive.

Fixed sights – a front ramp and notch rear – are standard on these new handguns.  The cylinder will hold five rounds.  It appears Taurus may have designed a new boot-type grip for these guns.

The new guns will be available in the matte stainless finish and in a pink finish.  Suggested retail pricing is set at $599.

Taurus View Specifications

caliber.38 Special
capacity5 rounds
barrel length1.41"
overall length5.67"
weight (unloaded)9 ounces

While the clear side plate might seem like a gimmick to some, I think it could be an indicator of a significant culture change at Taurus.  Some have reported quality control issues in the past with Taurus, and I documented my own issues with a T&E 709 pistol a few years back.  A clear side plate seems to be an effort by the company to highlight the craftsmanship inside the guns.

“Many new and exciting changes are continuing to take place behind the doors of Taurus these days,” said Taurus Holdings President & CEO Mark Kresser in the company’s latest product catalog.  “Some of them may not be so obvious to the naked eye, yet others will let you take a look into the heart and soul of our company and our products.”

Taurus View

“There is a new culture at Taurus It is one where each employee takes great pride in what they do every day—and that is making the finest firearms in the history of the company.”

I look forward to seeing the new model 85 View and other Taurus products at the 2014 SHOT Show.

Update – January 2014

Taurus released additional information on the View revolver.  The company redesigned the model 85 grip for this gun, creating a new contour that helps reduce printing when carried concealed.  Additionally, Taurus states the grip puts the gun lower in the hand, reducing muzzle flip during recoil.  This is important in any small revolver, but especially one with such a short barrel.

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