New Magazine Release Buttons for Smith & Wesson M&P

LFArms mag release

Live Free Arms (LF Arms) announced a pair of new magazine release buttons for the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols.  One release is a standard length, while the second is an extended length release button. The LF Arms release buttons are machined metal – not plastic – and have a Melonite finish.  MSRP […]

XS Sights for the Bersa BP9CC

Bersa BP9CC sights

As regular readers may remember, I tested and had a very good experience with the Bersa BP9CC pistol.  Although I like the sight configuration on the gun, the sights are made of plastic.  While this is not a deal killer, I do prefer to have metal sights.  Fortunately, XS Sight Systems is now offering a […]

Just Announced: Diamondback DB FS Nine Pistol

Diamondback DB FS Nine handgun

Diamondback just announced the company’s first full-size pistol, the DB FS Nine.  The new handgun is a striker-fired gun with a polymer frame.  This new gun will no doubt be compared to the striker-fired guns already on the market, but it does offer a few interesting features that caught my eye.

Possible Problems with PCP Ammo

PCP Polymer Case Ammo

The Firearm Blog ran an article about a pair of catastrophic failures with .308 Win PCP Ammunition.  With only two rounds fired, two ‘kabooms.’  Batting a thousand in this way is probably not what the company hoped to achieve with their ammo.

LuminAID: Solar, Inflatable, Floating, Waterproof Light

LuminAID review

The most interesting portable light on the market?  Perhaps. I’ve reviewed a lot of flashlights over the years, but the LuminAID is new to me.  Essentially, it is an inflatable lantern that charges during the day using a small solar panel.  When not in use, the lantern folds into a small package that keeps the […]

Kinetic Concealment Holsters

Kinetic Concealment holster

Kinetic Concealment is a relatively new holster company that is making a new kind of hybrid IWB holster that looks to raise shooters’ expectations on comfort. Hybrid IWB holsters generally use a Kydex shell mounted to a slab of leather.  The leather acts as the platform for the unit and stabilizes the gun.  Many people […]

LUCID HD7 – Any Good?


Has anyone tried the LUCID HD7 red dot sight? I heard Michael Bane talking about them on his podcast recently, and I see they are sold on Amazon.  The feedback looks to be very good and at less than $200 they look like a great bargain.  But… I’d love to hear some feedback if anyone […]

SHOT Show 2014: Good and Bad Observations of the Online Media

SHOT Show 2014

Another SHOT Show has come and gone.  Even though we still have articles, photos and information to post from the show, I thought it might be interesting to post some of my observations of the media and media-related activities from the show that don’t fit neatly into any of the existing or coming articles.  This […]

MaXbox Gun Rest


MaXbox is a development of Eagleye Hunting Gear.  Made from high quality EVA closed cell foam, which is unbreakable and weather proof, the MaXbox provides shooters a stable rest platform for shooting from a variety of positions.  Designed to provide the stability often not found when shooting outside of a range, the MaXbox offers shooters […]

New Danner Tachyon Boots

New for 2014, Danner introduced black Tachyon boots with a polishable toe.  These are an extension of the Tachyon line introduced last year. I have an original pair of Tachyon boots, and I have been extremely pleased with how well they fit and have worn.  The boots are very comfortable, and in the Florida heat, […]

SAR Arms 9mm Carbines

SAR Arms 9mm Carbine

SAR Arms is showing two 9mm carbines at the 2014 SHOT Show: the 109T and the TE54.  Both are AR-style rifles with lowers that are specifically designed to take 9mm magazines.  The models shown were semi-automatic. The 109T has a removable carry handle with a rear sight set for 50 and 100 yards.  The TE54 […]