LaserLyte Training Pistol

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme

LaserLyte has a new training pistol:  the Trigger Tyme.  If you read the marketing materials on the training gun, it would seem to be an ideal tool, especially for Glock shooters.  But does it live up to that description? Trigger Tyme The LaserLyte training pistol is a blue plastic training gun that approximates the size […]

LaserLyte Kryptonyte Center Mass Shotgun Laser

LaserLyte Kryptonyte shotgun laser

The new LaserLyte Kryptonyte Center Mass shotgun laser is definitely a step away from traditional laser sighting systems.  The Center Mass system projects nine laser dots: eight in a circular pattern with the final dot in the center of the ring.  The idea is to provide the shooter a visual representation of where the shot […]

LaserLyte Side Mount Laser for Ruger LC9

LaserLyte Ruger LC9 Laser

LaserLyte recently announced a new side mount laser for the Ruger LC9 handgun.  The laser unit is designed for easy installation and to fit in the majority of existing holsters. The LaserLyte side mount laser is a red laser (650 nm) operating at 5 mW, which is typical for handgun lasers.  Green lasers, which tend […]

LaserLyte laser for Taurus Judge, other revolvers


LaserLyte announced a “side mount” laser for the Taurus and Smith & Wesson line of revolvers, including the incredibly popular Taurus Judge.  The Taurus Judge is a line of medium to large revolvers that fire both .45 Colt cartridges and .410 bore shot shells (and slugs.)  This is the first time anyone has developed this […]

LaserLyte Introduces the Laser Trainer Pro


LaserLyte introduced a new training laser: the LaserLyte Laser Trainer Pro.  In a nutshell, this device adjusts to fit the barrels of most handguns.  Once inserted into the barrel, the device will flash a laser each time it “hears” the hammer fall. The idea is you would use this device while dry firing to make […]

LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser


LaserLyte has introduced a new red laser sighting system for pistols called the Rear Sight Laser.  The LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser, or RSL, mounts in the position of the rear sight on a handgun, rather than as a grip or guiderod solution marketed by other companies such as Crimson Trace and LaserMax. LaserLyte claims that […]