Magpul AK-47 Magazine

When you think of polymer AR-15 magazines, Magpul PMAGs are almost the universal image that comes to mind.  The company now aims to make you think “Magpul AK-47 magazine” when you need to feed your Eastern Bloc gun. I recently read an independent test in a tactical magazine that compared 5 different polymer magazines. Though […]

Magpul PMAG AR-15 Magazine

Magpul is known for producing some of the most talked about tactical gear in modern production.  Whether it is the FMG-9 machine pistol or theBushmaster ACR, Magpul always seems to be involved in the latest, coolest tactical gear.  The Magpul PMAG is no exception. The PMAG is Magpul’s polymer AR-15 magazine that has proven to […]