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Ruger LCP Pistol in .380 ACP

Sturm, Ruger and Company just released a new concealed carry handgun: the Ruger LCP . The new handgun is chambered for the moderately powered .380 ACP cartridge.

According to Ruger, the “LCP” initials stand for Lightweight Compact Pistol. It would appear it gets that name for good reason. Weighing only 9.4 oz unloaded, the polymer-framed gun has an overall length of only 5.16″ and a width of a mere 0.82″. The barrel is 2.75″ long and the trigger pull is an even 8 pounds.

Although the new pistol looks like a Kel-Tec P3AT, Stephen L. Sanetti, president of Sturm, Ruger & Co., was quick to point out that the LCP is not cheaply made during an appearance on the Gun Talk radio program. Sanetti told Tom Gresham, the radio show host, that the LCP has a machined extractor, loaded chamber indicator, and a slide stop (hold open) which are features not found on other brands of pistols in this category.

Sanetti also said the pistol is a lock breech design, not a simple blowback, and the frame is tough glass-filled nylon, not cheap plastic. Glass-filled nylon is essentially expensive plastic. It is extremely durable and should hold up as well as any metal-framed pistol.

The Ruger LCP holds 6+1 rounds of the popular .380 ACP load. Aftermarket magazines allowing for many more rounds are also available, but they are not flush fitting.

Ruger LCP Sights
The Ruger LCP shown is a recently updated version which has significantly larger, more visible sights. The older version sights were tiny.

The LCP has rounded corners and a lack of protruding external controls. It suffers, however, from the same problem many small pistols do: the sights are small and difficult to use. The front sight is not much more than a small bump, about the size of an insect bite really. The rear sight is barely a shallow notch. Seriously – these sights are small and could have been left off the gun for all the good they will do you.

Designed for concealed carry, the LCP could also make an excellent backup gun for police officers and armed citizens. But, it better be reliable.

The Ruger LCP retails for only $330, and comes with one magazine, safety lock, and a soft-sided case. Sentti said the LCP is currently in production and thousands will be shipping to dealers by the end of February.

Holsters for the Ruger LCP are available from Galco, RKBA, DeSantis, and others.

LCP Recall

Some Ruger LCP .380 pistols are being recalled due to a possibility they will discharge if dropped according to a Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. announcement on October 29, 2008.

Ruger LCP Review

Ruger stated that they have received a few reports of the LCP pistols discharging when a round was in the chamber and when the pistol was dropped on a hard surface. As part of the recall program, Ruger will install an upgraded hammer system.

Ruger stated that there have not been any injuries reported related to this problem.

Ruger stated they will make good on all of the LCP guns that need to be upgraded, but their service department will only be able to handle a finite number of pistols at any one time. Therefore, Ruger states the recall program will be on a “first come, first served” basis. All work will be done for free and shipping there and back is paid for by Ruger.

In an effort to compensate LCP owners for their inconvience, Ruger will upgrade other unspecified components of the firearm and return the updated LCP with an additional magazine.

Earlier this year, Ruger recalled some of its SR9 pistols. From the people I have spoken to about that recall program, things went smoothly and the owners were happy with Ruger’s service.

The full information about the LCP pistol recall is available from the Ruger website.


In September 2008, Crimson Trace released the LG-431 Laserguard for the Ruger LCP. The new laser sighting system allows the shooter to make very accurate shots and is compact enough not to interfere with many of the hosters used for the LCP.  A full post on the Crimson Trace LG 431 for the Ruger LCP is here.

LCP Compact

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I bought the LCP for my wife for Christmas. I liked the size, caliber and weight and it had a good feel compared to others I looked at. I picked up some PMC bronze 90 grs fmj to try it out. We set up an 8 inch target at 40 feet and my wife put 5 rounds of the first mag into the target on her first attempt. I had similar results. I liked the gun even more after firing it.

Hi roy,

I’m not sure I understand the question. If you are asking about the ammunition, there is only one cartridge that the Ruger LCP pistols are chambered for: the .380 ACP.

I hope that helps.



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