RCBS Introduces a High Capacity Case Trimmer for Handloading

RCBS Case Trimmer

RCBS introduced a new high capacity case trimmer for handloading and reloading. The High Capacity Case Trimmer is designed to handle big bore cases such as the .50 BMG and .416 Barrett cartridges.

The trimmer comes in a small kit that includes three pilots and a case holder collet.  The collet will hold .408 CheyTac, .505 Gibbs, .400 Jeffery, .45-60 Win and .40-60 Win among others.

The High Capacity Case Trimmer is backed by the RCBS lifetime warranty.

When this case trimmer was introduced in 2008, the MSRP was $109.95.  As of October 2014, the MSRP was up to $162.95.  That’s a significant price increase and reflective of the economy at large, unfortunately.  The good news is you can click here and get your RCBS High Capacity Case Trimmer Kit for a lot less.

RCBS High Capacity Case Trimmer

RCBS is currently part of the ATK family in its civilian ammunition division. The RCBS company has been around for more than 60 years and is widely regarded as making very good quality reloading tools such as the Rock Chucker single stage press. RCBS was founded by Fred Huntington in the early 1940’s. According to Chuck Hawks, RCBS originally stood for Rock Chuck Bullet Swagers.

High Capacity Case Trimmer Kit Instructions

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