Hornady’s Ammo Plant – Home Edition!

Hornady is known for making great ammunition and some really nice reloading tools.  The Hornady Lock-N-Load presses and prep tools are widely regarded as being of excellent quality.  As we approach the new year, Hornady announced several new reloading products including the Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant.

Hornady already makes a progressive press called the Lock-N-Load AP press.  While Dillon Precision is considered “the” progressive press company, I have to admit that the Hornady AP press has been very tempting.  In the Ammo Plant package, Hornady gives you pretty much everything you need to fully automate the cartridge assembly process.  In fact, for the price, this package would be tough to beat.

There is a lot included in the Hornady Ammo Plant package.  Included among all of the stuff is:

  • Lock-N-Load AP Press
  • Lock-N-Load AP Bullet Feeder
  • Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder
  • Lock-N-Load AP Die Bushing 10 pack
  • Spring Case Retainer 3 pack (x2)
  • Large Cartridge Catcher (x3)
  • Large Primer Tube Pickup (x3)
  • Small Primer Tube Pickup (x3)
  • Primer Slide Spring (x2)
  • Pistol Metering Insert/Rotor
  • Rifle Metering Insert/Rotor
  • Powder Cop
  • Die Wrench
  • Case Activated Powder Drop
  • Vintage Tin Sign

I think the “vintage tin sign” is sort of the cherry on top of this sweet package.

Now the Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammo Plant does not include everything you need to load ammo, but it gives you almost everything you need to automate the assembly portion of the process.  You will still need to add dies and a case feeder plate.  This is in addition to any case prep tools you may need such as a tumbler.

MSRP on the entire package is $1342.74, but street prices should be significantly less.  Hornady did not announce a shipping date for the Ammo Plant, but I expect it will be showcased at the 2012 SHOT Show.  It should be shipping to dealers shortly after that.

Hornady Lock-N- Load Ammo Plant

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By Richard Johnson

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I own the AP press already. I’m very happy with it. I’ve used a Dillion 650 and it’s nice too. I think the Dillion operates a little smoother, indexing is different between the two. Both are great presses. I’d love to get the case feeder and bullet feeders and build more rounds faster. That way I could shoot more. 🙂

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