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LaserLyte Side Mount Laser for Ruger LC9

LaserLyte Ruger LC9 LaserLaserLyte recently announced a new side mount laser for the Ruger LC9 handgun.  The laser unit is designed for easy installation and to fit in the majority of existing holsters.

The LaserLyte side mount laser is a red laser (650 nm) operating at 5 mW, which is typical for handgun lasers.  Green lasers, which tend to be more visible in daylight conditions, are frequently much more expensive than red lasers.

The LaserLyte operates on four 377 “button” batteries.  The batteries are supposed to operate for up to five hours if left on constantly.  According to the company, batteries are included.

Unlike the LaserMax laser unit for the Ruger pistols, the LaserLyte has both a constant and pulse mode.  I don’t claim to be an expert on the use of lasers in a defensive handgun, and I’m not sure what the pulse might do for you, but this unit has it if you want it.

One of the things the pulse mode seems to do is extend battery life.  In pulse mode, LaserLyte states the unit should run for 10 continuous hours.

This side mount laser will also mount to the Kel-Tec PF9.

While at the 2011 National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, the good folks at Laura Burgess Marketing were able to catch up with the sales manager for LaserLyte.  They had Jeremy demonstrate the new laser for the LC9:


  • Compatible Firearms: Ruger LC9, Kel-Tec PF9
  • Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
  • Laser Module: 650nm
  • Batteries: four 377 batteries
  • Battery Life: 5 hrs constant on, 10 hrs pulse mode (normal usage*)
  • Weight: .40 ounces/11.34 grams
  • Length: 4.22 inches/107.20mm
  • Width: .58 inches/14.74 mm
  • Height: .380 inches/9.71 mm
  • Range at Night: 500 yards/457.2 m

MSRP is $109.95 and the company expects to ship the lasers in December 2011.  Unfortunately, I do not see LaserLyte as one of the companies at the annual Media Day at the Range, but I am sure we will see this new item at the 2012 SHOT Show.

LaserLyte Ruger LC9 Laser

LaserLyte Ruger LC9 Laser

LaserLyte Ruger LC9 Laser

By Richard Johnson

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If you live in a state that respects your rights (like Florida) you don’t have to worry about covering your serial. All types of gun registry is prohibited by state law so serials are pretty unimportant.

If you think it’s illegal where you carry then by all means don’t buy it, but please don’t knock a good product that doesn’t bulk up the gun. And let’s be honest, good as the gun is we’d all carry something else if size wasn’t important.

No law enforcment officer in his or her right would ever throw a person in cuffs or take said person to jail for simply covering the serial number on his firearm. This would open up a whole can of worms legally for the officer and all involved. The federal law only states that you shall not remove, deface or alter the serial number on any firearm in any way. The law states nothing about covering the number. I have had duty arms that have had the serial numbers under the grips in some cases.
But hay, you might want to call your government officials and argue this point but they might not get back to you any time soon.

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