New SIG P290 Trigger System

Sig Sauer P290The SIG SAUER P290 will have a new trigger system soon, according to Jeff Creamer, the company’s Director of Product Management.  Talking to Tom Gresham on the nationally syndicated radio show, GunTalk, Creamer said the new P290 trigger system will be a “true” double-action-only (DAO) system with a “second strike” capability.

The current generation of SIG P290 uses a trigger that is pre-cocked DAO instead of a traditional DAO.  According to Creamer, another benefit to the new trigger system is a lighter pull-weight:  7.5 pounds instead of about 9 pounds.  Nice.

The “second strike” capability allows the shooter to pull the trigger a second (or third, fourth or fifth) time if the gun fails to fire.  With many semi-auto firearms, pulling the trigger a second time will never fire the weapon, because the gun did not cycle causing the firing system to reset.  With a trigger system like what will be in the new P290, pulling the trigger resets the firing system and allows the firing pin another whack at the ammunition.

Why is this “second strike” important?  It depends on who you talk to.  However, many of the malfunctions (fails to fire) in a firearm comes from a problem with the ammo.  Research has shown that landing another strike on the same round that previously failed to fire is likely to cause it to fire properly.  Proponents of the “second strike” state that it is faster to pull the trigger a second time rather than to run a tap-rack-bang drill.

The SIG SAUER P290 is a 9mm sub-compact pistol.  Currently, the MSRP on the P290 is $758.  Expect to see the new SIG P290 at the 2012 SHOT Show in January.

Update: October 2013

I had a P290 RS for testing and got it out to the range.  The gun performed extremely well for me and I think it is a solid CCW gun for consideration.  There were a few things about it that I did not care for, but those were personal issues only.  Click here to check out the full story on the P290 RS.

Sig Sauer P290

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In case anyone is wondering, there will be no upgrade for the 1st generation p290. The frames are different and the old one will not accept the new style trigger system.

Just got off the phone with Andy at Sig and he said there will be an upgrade program. For me to call back in a month as they are not ready to roll it out just yet. I have to trust he was telling me the straight skinny on that. Time will tell. I have owned my just over a month and love the gun with the exception of the trigger system. It is very easy to pull off target just before the break due to the 9lb pull needed. With a DAO trigger system, restrike capability and a lighter pull I think this will be a perfect little gun.

That would be great, the rep I had spoken with told me it was totally different frames and there wouldn’t be a retrofit. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

are you sure there will be no replacement for the 1st gen frame? — if not that sucks on sigs part …

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