SIG P290 Rainbow

SIG P290 Rainbow photo

The SIG P290 Rainbow is another in a series of multi-chromatic pistols introduced by the company over the past several years.  While some people hate the look, there are a lot of people who really like it.

At this year’s SHOT Show, SIG Sauer showed the latest of these color changing handguns, and I have to say it looks a lot better in person that it does in photos.  I’m not sure I would ever buy one, but they are eye-catching.


SIG P238 Tribal

The SIG P238 Tribal is just one of the new variations of existing guns that SIG Sauer showed at the SHOT Show this year. Generally, the company will roll out several variations of their popular guns at the show, with some of them becoming permanent additions to the line, while others become limited runs. The P238 line has seen quite a few variations during the past few years.

The P238 Tribal is little different from the standard pistol in function and size. The gun is still a single-action, subcompact handgun chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge. It has a 2.7″ barrel length and weighs only 15.2 ounces (unloaded and without a magazine.)


SIG P938

The SIG P938 pistol has generated a lot of interest from shooters ever since word of it leaked in late 2011.  The P938 is a single-action-only handgun chambered in 9mm.

I can understand why this pistol would generate a lot of interest.  Essentially, the P938 is a 9mm version of the very popular SIG p238 handgun.  Talking with one of the SIG reps, he said that the pistol has the same look and feel of the P238, and it doesn’t feel much larger than the .380 ACP gun.  It is possible that many of the same holsters that fit the P238 will also work for the P938.

SIG P938

The SIG P938 will come in a variety of packages that have become standard across the classic SIG line including Equinox, Rosewood and Extreme.  Night sights are standard, with one option utilizing a TRUGLO tritium-fiber optic front sight.


New SIG P290 Trigger System

Sig Sauer P290The SIG SAUER P290 will have a new trigger system soon, according to Jeff Creamer, the company’s Director of Product Management.  Talking to Tom Gresham on the nationally syndicated radio show, GunTalk, Creamer said the new P290 trigger system will be a “true” double-action-only (DAO) system with a “second strike” capability.

The current generation of SIG P290 uses a trigger that is pre-cocked DAO instead of a traditional DAO.  According to Creamer, another benefit to the new trigger system is a lighter pull-weight:  7.5 pounds instead of about 9 pounds.  Nice.

The “second strike” capability allows the shooter to pull the trigger a second (or third, fourth or fifth) time if the gun fails to fire.  With many semi-auto firearms, pulling the trigger a second time will never fire the weapon, because the gun did not cycle causing the firing system to reset.  With a trigger system like what will be in the new P290, pulling the trigger resets the firing system and allows the firing pin another whack at the ammunition.


SIG SAUER P232 Pistols: Updated for 2009

SIG P232

The SIG SAUER P232 pistol was updated for 2009.  The new P232 features a newly designed slide that reduces “slide bite” on larger hands and removable sights.

For those not familiar with the SIG SAUER P232, the gun is a .380 ACP pistol that is more substantial in size and weight than the recent crop of .380 pocket guns.  The P232 runs between 18.5 – 23.6 ounces, has a 3.6″ barrel, and an overall length of 6.6″.  The action is a DA/SA design and has a capacity of seven plus one.

The SIG P232 is available in three finishes: black Nitron, stainless, and a two-tone stainless slide with a black frame.  All models of P232 are available with standard or SIGLITE Night Sights.

SIG P232 Specifications

  • caliber:  .380 ACP
  • standard magazine capacity:  seven rounds
  • barrel length:  3.6″
  • overall length:  6.6″
  • action:  double-action/single-action (DA/SA)
  • trigger pull weight:  DA: 10 pounds, SA: 4.5 pounds
  • sight radius:  4.7″
  • MSRP:  $649 ($720 with factory night sights) for the Nitron version

While sleek and attractive, some people do not like the P232 pistols due to the lack of slide catch.  This means the shooter will not be able to lock the slide to the rear of the pistol for any reason.  While this does not negatively impact the reliability of the handgun, it does alter how some things are done.  For example, you can’t lock the slide back when handing another person the P232.  If this is important to you, this SIG pistol may not be your best choice.

Sootch00 on YouTube did a review of the updated pistol:

The P232 is easy to shoot, light recoiling pistol due to the size of it. Keep in mind that the trigger is a double-action/single-action design. These tend to be less accurate due to the lack of training most people will invest in learning the system. For the vast majority of people, having a double-action only pistol – like a Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P – is a superior choice.