Winchester Power Core 95/5

Winchester announced a new line of affordable hunting ammo at the 2011 SHOT Show called the Power Core 95/5.  This new ammunition is an interesting collection of loads and they offer reasonable pricing.  The company recently published this video on YouTube to explain the new line of ammunition:

The name “95/5” comes from the bullet which is a 95% copper, 5% zinc alloy.

The bullet is heat treated, creating a tip that is softer than many of the other all copper bullets on the market.  This helps ensure expansion even when going through thick fur and hide.  The bullet uses a long, thin hollow point called the Power Core Cavity which controls the bullet’s expansion.  The controlled expansion allows for deep penetration and better weight retention.  Many hunters like to get a bullet that will give them adequate expansion with deep penetration.

The ammunition is part of the Winchester Super-X line, suggesting quality and affordability.  The ammunition is currently available in .223, .270, .30-06, .300 Win Mag, 30-30 and 7mm Rem Mag.  This is an interesting mix of some of the most popular hunting cartridges.

Winchester PowerCore 95/5 Ammo

I find it curious that Winchester elected not to include any of the typical short-action hunting cartridges like the ubiquitous .308 Winchester.  Heck, that cartridge even bears the company’s name.


By Richard Johnson

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