SRM Arms Model 1216 Shotgun

I was able to handle the SRM Arms semi-automatic Model 1216 shotgun at 2012 SHOT Show. (Please note that you can click here for the latest news from the SHOT Show.) One of the interesting features of this particular scattergun is the revolving high capacity magazine. Instead of a single magazine tube, the SRM 1216 has four tubes that quadruple the amount ammunition loaded.

Changing magazine tubes is accomplished by flipping a simple thumb lever located on each side of the front of the magazine. This releases the action and the entire tube assembly is rotated by the operator.

I tried rotating the magazine tubes and found it to be very intuitive. It is obviously much faster than stoking a regular tube full of loose shotgun shells to up your ammo.

The gun comes in three barrel lengths of 10, 13, and 18 inches, the size of the barrel determining the capacity of the magazine tubes: 8, 12, and 16 rounds for each respective barrel length. The SRM shotgun holds either 2 3/4″ or 3″ shotshells and can fire game loads, buckshot, slugs, and specialty rounds.

The SRM 1216 operates on a roller delayed action. There is a non-reciprocating side charging handle and a thumb switch safety. The gun has pushpin disassembly and a top break design for field stripping and maintenance.

The Model 1216 is ambidextrous. Not only can the charging handle and safety be moved to either side of the gun by the owner, but the receiver’s sideplate can be factory configured to have the spent hulls eject to the right or left. This is a welcome feature for lefties who don’t like spent shells, smoke, and unburned powder in the face.

The gun is compact, and while not a bullpup design, it has a chamber that rests above the fire controls and not farther forward as in a traditional shotgun. With an 18″ barrel, the SRM 1216 is only 32.5″ long.

This tactical shotgun is packed with innovative features. Current MSRP is $2399.00. SRM Arms products are distributed by GSA Direct. GSA’s Sam Hoge demonstrated the Model 1216 for us.

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In answer to the above question I will ask another. How many of those above mentioned shotguns will release 16 rounds in less than 10 seconds. How long are thet, how heavy. This is a fast semi auto with fire power to burn. That kind of fire power, design reliability and simplicity in a semi automatic shotgun comes at a price. If your life is on the line, to me the price is well worth all the advantagea you get from this piece OD equipment.

When your life is on the line, price is not that important. Firepower is!

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