Surefire Rechargeable 123A Batteries

There are a lot of white lights, lasers and illuminated optics on the market that use the small, powerful 123A batteries.  These batteries work great, but they tend to be expensive.

Surefire is now offering a rechargeable 123A battery kit.  The kit includes two rechargeable batteries, the charging unit and power adapters for both home (110v AC) and the car (12v DC).  MSRP on the kit is $29 and additional batteries can be bought for $12/pair.

Surefire Rechargeable 123A batteries

Rechargeable 123A batteries can be used hundreds of times, offering a significant cost savings over their lifetime.  However, the rechargeable batteries do not hold as powerful a charge, meaning that runtime is only about 50% of the normal runtime on typical non-rechargeable 123A batteries.

Rechargeable 123A batteries may make sense for you.  However, consider that you can buy a 12-pack of Surefire 123A batteries on Amazon for less than $25 (and get free shipping).  At twice the run-time when compared to the rechargeable batteries, that is effectively 24 batteries.  Over time, the rechargeables are still cheaper, but you have to use them quite a bit before you realize the savings.

There are, of course, some less expensive rechargeable 123A batteries on the market.  Take the RCR batteries for example.  For less than $18, you get two rechargeable batteries plus the charger.  Whether or not RCR is a company that stands behind their product is anybody’s guess, but I’ve certainly heard horror stories about flashlights catching fire when using inferior 123A batteries.

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I’d buy it. 50% ain’t bad when you mostly use it around the house. It’s pretty dark around my house, so I never go outside without a Surefire (I just ended up with a bunch of Surefires, I’m not biased) and I’m frequently grabbing one, trying it, and putting it back because the batteries are dead. Usually have two stored in all the normal locations for just that reason. Rechargables would means I could store them in twice as many locations.

RCR isn’t a name brand- it means Rechargable CR123a

I’m curious to see what batteries surefire is rebranding and what the voltages are

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