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Winchester Varmint X Ammunition: Coyotes Beware

Winchester Varmint X

With a focus on accuracy, Winchester Ammunition announced the introduction of the new Varmint X cartridge line.  The new ammo will be offered in four different calibers for a total of five loads.  See below for the exact details on each load.

The number of varmint hunters has rapidly increased in the recent past.  According to Winchester, this segment of the market has doubled in the past decade.  Understandably, ammo companies are moving to meet the specific needs of these hunters.

Winchester Varmint ammo

The Varmint X line use polymer tipped bullets.  The polymer tip improves the bullet’s ballistics and ensures good expansion on impact.  Other companies, such as Hornady, have used bullets with a polymer tip to great success.

Generally, varmint hunters use a high-velocity, small caliber cartridge, such as the .223.  I have several friends who have built specialty AR-style rifles with the express purpose of long-range varmint hunting in the western US.  The new Winchester Varmint X line features two .223 cartridges (one with a 40-grain bullet, and one with a 55-grain bullet.)

Specs on the new Winchester Varmint X ammo:

Winchester Varmint X Specs

The new ammo is scheduled to be released in January 2013.  It will be sold in boxes of 20 and cases of 200.  Pricing has not yet been announced, but it will likely be in the range of other hunting ammunition from Winchester.

Winchester Varmint X box

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