Glock 30S – A Reality

Glock 30S

It looks like Glock’s big announcement at the SHOT Show (other than “Hey, we have a social network site!”) is the 30S pistol.  I mentioned the rumors of this gun a few days ago, but I have now seen one.

Essentially, the Glock 30S is a model 30SF frame with a model 36 slide attached to it.  The key benefit being to shrink the width of the gun to make it more appealing for concealed carry.  I certainly applaud the effort, and I would presume this gun will be well received in the market.

I am, however, eternally perplexed by Glock’s refusal to meet consumer demand.  Glock fans have called for a single stack 9mm pistol for years, and for years, Glock has ignored these customers.  Meanwhile other companies have stepped in to fill this need.  The most notable comer to the thin 9mm market is Springfield Armory, which was showing their new XDS 9mm at Media Day.  Click here to read more on that gun.

Glock 30S Review

So, right now…it looks like Glock fans will be without a single stack 9 or any kind of carbine for another year.

Glock model 30S Specs:

  • caliber:  .45 ACP
  • magazine capacity:  ten rounds
  • weight (with magazine, unloaded):  22.75 ounces
  • width:  1.28″
  • barrel length:  3.78″
  • overall length: 6.97″
  • height:  4.8″
  • MSRP:  not announced

By Richard Johnson

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6 replies on “Glock 30S – A Reality”

I’m not sure I agree on how well received the new model will be. The benefits over a 30sf are not great.
Personally, I feel my 30sf is a breeze to carry already.

I think they missed the boat on this one… took a popular hybrid and simply legitimized it. Useful, yes, but not innovative.
I fell they should go with a “G30S XT”… XT for Extended Grip, ala G23 with a G27 style bottom. Develop a true intermediate weapon, after all, the G30 is as long as a G23 as well as tall with that gawdawful lump at the bottom of the mag.

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