Kahr CW380

Kahr CW380

Kahr announced the new CW380 at the SHOT Show.  The new pistol is chamered in .380 ACP and continues the budget line of pistols the company has been putting out for several years.  Other calibers in this line include the CW9 and CW40 in 9mm and .40 S&W respectively.

The CW380 has a 2.58″ barrel and is less than 5″ in total length.  Height is less than 4″.  Throw in an unloaded weight (no magazine) of 10.2 ounces and you can see how someone wanting a very lightweight, concealable firearm might like the new Kahr.

Unlike some of the .380 ACP pistols on the market, the CW380 is not a simple blow-back gun.  Instead, it uses the locked breech action that Kahr uses on its other pistols.  This means less recoil and greater reliability in this small handgun.

The frame is polymer and the slide is machined stainless steel.  The sights are the bar/dot combo found on other Kahr pistols.

I previously reviewed the CM9 pistol, and I found it to be a reliable, easy shooting gun.  I expect the CW380 to be the same.

Kahr officially named the company’s less expensive guns as being part of the Value Series. Personally, I think these guns are a very good value. Some companies make a cheap gun and call it a value. Kahr produces very good guns – even at lower price points.

MSRP is $419, so figure a street price of upper $300’s. As compact .380 pistols go, this is one I would consider carrying for my own protection. I like the Glock 42 a lot, but this gun is a close match as far as quality and pricing.

Update – Good friend and occasional contributor Randall had a chance to shoot one of these at Media Day. Read his impressions of the gun here. Randall is a long time shooter and takes a very practical view of guns. I think you will enjoy his perspective.

By Richard Johnson

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