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Comp-Tac Trojan Horse

While at Media Day, I got a chance to see the Comp-Tac Trojan Horse, which is a discreet way to carry a rifle or carbine.  The case looks more like an over-sized tennis racquet case than it does a rifle bag.  This allows someone to legally carry a gun into places in a manner that will not draw attention.

Trojan Horse

Gordon Carrell, the general manager for Comp-Tac, gave me a demonstration of the Trojan Horse, and convinced me that this case is a well designed product that will please most shooters who are in the market for such a tool.  The  case is not flimsy, and appears it will stand up to many years of service, even from neanderthals like me.

The case has hard side panels on the inside of the case which serve to protect the gun and to keep the outline of your rifle from “printing.”  The inside of the case has both PALS webbing and Velcro for attaching accessories.  The zippers are heavy duty and are set up to allow for the fast opening of the case for an emergency deployment.

Comp-Tac Trojan Horse

Carrell said he likes the case because it allows him to carry his rifles into his hotel room from the parking lot in a discreet manner that doesn’t alert everyone that a valuable gun is in his room.  Carrell also told me that many of his customers are in law enforcement, and they use the bag in their cars to keep the gun handy, but not obvious to the casual observer.

The Trojan Horse is $100, which is a reasonable price for what you get.  Compared to some other products I have seen on the SHOT Show floor, it is a downright bargain.

Trojan Horse Interior

By Richard Johnson

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