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Wednesday’s gun news…

Colt Mustang XSP

Announced at the NRA Annual Meetings and Expo earlier this month, the new Mustang XSP is a polymer-framed version of the single-action .380 ACP pistol.  Do not think that this is the same pistol just with a plastic frame.  Colt made a number of changes in the frame that many shooters will like.  For example, there is a relief cut into the frame, behind the trigger guard, which allows the shooter to get a grip higher up on the gun.

gun newsOther enhancements on the new Mustang XSP include an ambidextrous safety, dovetailed front sight and short accessory rail.  Total weight of the pistol is less than 12 ounces (unloaded) and the MSRP is $649.  For now the frame is black, but polymer frames allow for relatively easy color additions to the handgun line.  Don’t be surprised to see an OD green, FDE or even pink Mustang XSP in the future.

The AR-15: Practical, Tactical or TACTI-COOL!

The American Gunsmithing Institute released a new gunsmithing DVD on customizing the AR-15 rifle.  The video course starts with an overview of different customization options that are available for the rifles, and then launches into a number of project builds for different needs.  The course is taught by a master gunsmith with decades of experience with the AR platform.  The DVD retails for $79.95.

Buffalo Bore Low Recoil .45 ACP Ammo

Looking for an effective, yet light recoiling .45 ACP load?  Buffalo Bore is now loading a .45 round that runs well below SAAMI pressure specs, but still penetrates 14+ inches and reliably expands.  It would seem the key is the use of a 160 grain, all copper TAC-XP hollowpoint from Barnes.  According to Buffalo Bore, the bullet will expand at velocities as low as 750 fps.

buffalo bore new ammo

These loads are rated at 950 fps.  Testing by the company showed “real world” muzzle velocities of 966 fps with a 5″ Colt Gold Cup 1911, 940 fps with a Smith & Wesson 4.25″ commander and 869 fps from a Smith & Wesson 325PD 2.5″ revolver.  MSRP is $38.50/box.

Square Gets All Anti-Gun

Square has now outlawed all firearms, ammo, parts and sharp-pointy-sticks.  Square is a service company that provides an exceptionally easy way for a small business owner or startup to accept credit card payments via web interface and a card reader that plugs into your iPhone or Android-based phone.  I’ve used their processing in the past, and though it is more expensive than some traditional processors, the system is extremely easy to get up and running, plus they pay in a timely manner.  The problem is they have now decided they don’t want to do business with anyone in the firearms industry.

The latest update to the user agreement disallows the use of their service for the:

(23) sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury

The same section outlaws the sales of occult materials, off-track betting, illegal activity and bankruptcy attorneys.  Now gun owners have been lumped in with bankruptcy attorneys.  How low will these people stoop?

By Richard Johnson

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