Detroit Gun Works Lowers Available Again

Detroit Gun Works receiver black

After posting an announcement that they would no longer manufacture lowers with their name on them, Detroit Gun Works is apparently selling matched uppers and lowers with the DGW logo through Kroll International.  This is an unexpected event due to the company’s stated position from just a few months ago.

In early December 2012, Kroll International released a pre-SHOT Show ad that suggested they had teamed up with Detroit Gun Works and Blackhawk possibly for new AR-15 rifles made by DGW and fitted with Blackhawk gear.  But, by the end of the same month, DGW pulled back from the announcement and posted on their website that they would not be producing lowers with the company name on them any more.  The previously announced .308 and .300 Blackout uppers and rifles were also shelved.

From the Detroit Gun Works announcement, it sounded like the company would only make parts, including AR lowers, for other companies who were building rifles.  However, it seems that the average consumer can once again buy DGW lowers.

DGW upper

The uppers and lowers are listed individually on the DGW site, but can only be purchased as a matching set through Kroll.  The uppers and lowers are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum forgings.  Black is always a good choice, but DGW does make the uppers and lowers in other colors, including:

  • flat dark earth
  • sand matte
  • olive drab
  • desert digital
  • urban digital

The black matched set carries a MSRP of $308.33.  The other colors show a list of $325.00.

The .308 lowers appear to be available, but only to other manufacturers.

Detroit Gun Works receiver

Detroit Gun Works lower

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