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Diamondhead Polymer Sights

Diamondhead polymer sight

In a move to expand their popular flip-up sights, Diamondhead has announced the addition of a new polymer line of spring-loaded flip-up sights.  These sights will be modeled after the original metal Diamondhead line of flip-up sights, which have been very well received with their ability to quickly guide the shooter’s eye to center.

The new polymer sights are designed to work on all AR-15‘s with a Picatinny attachment rail, though they are not suitable for a gas block sight base to heat concerns.  In addition to lighter weight, from the advanced polymer/composite construction, Diamondhead has incorporated NiteBrite photoluminescent inserts that can be illuminated with natural light or with a flashlight.  This feature will be standard.

Illumination lasts from a few seconds to around 30 seconds depending on the brightness and duration of the light being exposed to the sights.  This feature is a great advantage over common metal or polymer sights.  It gives the shooter a means to acquire targets accurately in low-light conditions without exposing their position by using an illumination tool, and without the expense of night vision optics.

Diamondhead polymer sights

Diamonhead sights are replacement sights for the original A2 style AR-15 sights, and can quickly be added to a Picatinny rail.  The Diamondhead sights use their patented diamond-shaped aperture on the rear sight, and a similar diamond-shaped aperture on the front sight minus the top point.  Unlike traditional A2 style sights, with their circular rear aperture that required the shooter to do some guesswork when centering the front post, the Diamonhead rear sight has small outward extensions that draw the eye into the center of the sight.  Once in the center of the sight, the rear sight’s diamond-shape provides four reference points (corners) that are a great benefit to guiding the shooter’s eye to center.  I own and have used the original Diamondhead sights, and believe they are one of the fastest aiming “iron” sights available on the market.

The new polymer front sight has a push-button release to raise or lower the sight, with a spring-loaded mechanism so the shooter simply presses the button for the sight to raise and lock into position.  Elevation adjustment can be accomplished without a tool by turning a screw on the side base of the sight.

Diamondhead polymer front sight

The new polymer rear sight can be used with traditional fixed A2 style sights or in combination with other sight options.  The sight uses dual, same plane long and short range apertures at exactly the same height as A2 sights.  At this level, the sights should be well placed for co-witnessing with a red dot optic.  Both the long and short range apertures use the patented diamond-shape design, with the long range aperture (smaller) folding down to the rear to expose the short range aperture (larger).  The rear sight has windage adjustments in 0.5 MOA increments.

Diamondhead polymer rear sight

The new Diamondhead polymer sights are currently only available in black, but they are  directly priced to challenge other polymer sights that do not have the diamond-shaped apertures.  The Diamondhead Polymer sights carry a lifetime warranty.

MSRP – Diamonhead Polymer front sight – $49, Diamonhead Polymer rear sight – $69

By Aaron

Aaron is a sergeant with a midwestern police department, where he serves as a trainer, supervisor and SWAT sniper. In addition to his broad tactical knowledge, Aaron is an experienced hunter using bow and both modern and blackpowder firearms.

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