The New ATI AR-15 Pistol

ATI Omni-Hybrid AR-15 Pistol

American Tactical Imports (ATI) is now selling an AR-15 pistol based on the company’s Omni-Hybrid lower.  The gun is chambered in 5.56 NATO and weighs a mere 4.75 pounds.

ATI introduced the Omni polymer lowers in mid-2012 (read my review of them here) and later updated the receivers with a metal insert for high stress points.  Since the update, I have heard very good things about them.  Phil O’Dell of O’Dell Engineering in Ontario, Canada has provided a lot of feedback on the lowers and rifles here at GHG.  It is worth reading through his comments.

The new Omni-Hybrid AR-15 pistol has a 7″ barrel and a free floated quad-rail for adding all sorts of lights, lasers and other gizmos.  The buffer tube is 7″.  I can imagine that adding a SIG SB15 arm brace would really crank up the fun factor.

MSRP for the complete pistol is $599.95.

This is a video of the Omni lower with .223 rifle uppers:

The Omni-Hybrid lowers are a very affordable product.  They are lighter than a standard aluminum lower, yet with the metal inserts, the receiver meets all of the same pressure and weight baring tests.  A stripped lower carries an MSRP of $49.95.  Complete lowers with an adjustable buttstock run only $144.95.

ATI put together this introductory video for the hybrid lower:

By Richard Johnson

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Thanks Richard, and thanks for the kind words. We have been experimenting with the Omnis and selling them here for a while. We had an Omni Pistol on the original Omni lower, I think before the US did, and we did one on the new Hybrid and both worked.

All in the new Hybrid is very definitely a great follow on. I have been working on them and one thing we have found is a number of ambi mag catches and ambi safeties will bind or not fit, but the beauty of the Hybrid (and the original Omni) is it is black all the way through so we machined a couple of lowers to fit the Troy ambi Mag release and the CMMG ambi safety and a few strokes of an oily brush after and you can hardly tell they aren’t factory. If I figure out how I’ll post some pictures (or send to you to post). Really about a 15 minute job on the mill and all is perfect.

The only thing I have seen on the new Hybrids that rates mentioning: be sure to clear out the Takedown Pin Detent hole. That’s the back one under the buttstock/end plate. Burrs can make your detent not engage properly. Also, like the original, these bad boys are TIGHT to fit the upper to initially. Tap it home 25-30 times and its going to get better but that “I’ve got an AccuWedge in here” feel is still present. I personally like that as I never felt good about the old feel even though it never made a whit’s difference to accuracy.

Good shooting guys and keep up the great work on here. Its a pleasure to read your reviews and opinions.


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