Armscor 22 TCM 9R – Glock Conversion Kit

Armscor gave the media a sneak peek at the new 22 TCM 9R: a conversion kit for the Glock 17/22 pistols. The new kit converts the pistols to fire the .22 TCM 9R cartridge.

The kits are still under development, but are far enough along for Armscor to allow writers to shoot a Glock equipped with one. [Ed. note: The kits have been released and appear to be running very reliably in Glock-pattern pistols. Scroll down for the updated information.]

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Here’s the information I have so far…

The new kits are designed to allow for a Gen1 – Gen3 Glock 17/22 to be converted to fire the 22 TCM 9R cartridge. The 22 TCM is a bottlenecked pistol cartridge designed to fire a .22 caliber bullet at extremely high speeds. Think of it as the Armscor response to the FN 5.7.

The 9R variant of the cartridge is a slightly shorter version that operates at lower velocities so that it will fit into the Glock conversion kit. Think of it as a -P version, or a performance tax to shoot it from your Austrian pistol. Visit Minute Maniac for a better description of the 9R variant.

Shooting the 22 TCM Glock

Kits will include all of the needed parts to make the conversion. However, Armscor anticipates that a gunsmith will be required to ensure reliable functioning of the converted pistol. This is a big drawback for anyone hoping for an easy way to swap between calibers as many shooters can do with a .22 LR conversion kit.

Armscor Kit for 22 TCM 9R

The kit-equipped gun that was on hand ran reliably for all of the experienced shooters. I did observe one shooter who had regular malfunctions. He did not appear to be very experienced, and it appeared he was not locking his wrist when shooting.

22 TCM 9R Kit for Glock pistol

One of the things I did not like about the gun was that the recoil spring was not a captive assembly. The spring was quite long and was obviously a pain for even the Armscor staff to wrangle when assembling the firearm. At one point, I did witness a spring fly across the shooting bay. Armscor staff advised that they will probably use a captive spring in the final product.

22 TCM Barrel Glock

Armscor anticipates shipping the new 22 TCM 9R kit in mid-2015. Currently, they anticipate a suggested retail price of $399. As with all things, these are subject to change.

Where to Buy the 22 TCM 9R Glock Conversion Kit

Since I originally published this article, Armscor began shipping the Glock conversion kits. I picked up one for my G17, and boy – it runs smooth and without any issues.

I got mine through the affiliate link here which was about half the price of the original MSRP. I paid just under $150 including shipping. Not bad.

Last Update: July 1, 2022

By Richard Johnson

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Hi question I have the Glock 17/22 22tcm 9R conversion kit using my exciting Glock 34 lower frame.
Well i went and took it to the range and the first shot and second but then the third round exploded and didn’t ejected causing the casing to get stuck in the chamber.
So I had one of the range gentleman remove the casing from the chamber and loaded another few rounds and this time the second round exploded and didn’t eject again and then range guy suggest not to shoot it again and suggest contacting Armscor support for the concern situation..
? For my understanding Looks like it needs some gunsmithing..
Do you guys know what kind of gunsmithing it requires for the Glock ??
Please help I appreciate it.

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