Mossberg L Series Shotguns – Left Handed

At the SHOT Show, Mossberg announced a new line of left-handed shotguns called the L Series. These shotguns replicate many of the standard (right-handed) 500 and 590 series shotguns in the Mossberg catalog in both 12 and 20 gauge.

Here’s the full information…

More than other brands of pump shotguns, the Mossberg 500 and 590 scatterguns have always been friendlier to left-handed shooters because of the use of an ambidextrous safety. A cross bolt safety is workable when shooting off of the left shoulder, but I’ve always found the Mossberg safety is easier to manipulate.

Mossberg left handed shotgun

These shotguns will eject shells to the left instead of the right. With the ejection port on the left side of the gun, feeding single shells into the open receiver is a mirror image of the process used when shooting off of the right shoulder.

In the initial line up, Mossberg will offer 15 different L Series shotguns. This includes a pair of 590 shotguns, a FLEX gun, a youth shotgun and a variety of guns set up for specialty hunting such as waterfowl, turkey and slugs.

Tactical Shotguns

Mossberg 20 Gauge Left Hand Shotgun

Labeled as tactical, there are four model 500 and two model 590 shotguns in this part of the line. The following table shows the specifications of the six pump shotguns.

ModelGaugeCapacityBarrel LengthSightsFinish
500 Persuader12820″beadblued
500 Cruiser/Persuader12618.5″beadblued
500 Cruiser/Persuader20618.5″beadblued
500 Tactical Adjustable12618.5″beadmatte blue
590 with Heat Shield12920″beadblued
590A112920″XS Ghost Ringparkerized

Hunting & General Purpose Shotguns

Mossberg L Series Shotgun

From turkey to deer, Mossberg has a left handed shotgun for you. Pump guns are available in a youth size as well as a field/deer combination unit. The below table breaks down the basic specs of the different guns.

ModelGaugeCapacityBarrel LengthSightsFinish
Flex 50012628″twin beadmatte blue, synthetic black stock
500 All Purpose12 and 20628″ (26″ for 20 ga)twin beadmatte blue, synthetic black stock
500 Super Bantam Youth20622″twin beadblued, synthetic black stock
500 Turkey12624″fiber opticBreak Up Infinity Camo
500 Waterfowl12628″fiber opticAdvantage Max-4 Camo
500 Slugster12 and 20624″integral scope baseblued, wood stock
500 Field/Deer Combo12624″ and 28″integral scope base on rifled 24″; twin bead on 28″blued, wood stock

Mossberg has made some pretty large moves this year. As I previously reported, the company is completely replacing the 4×4 and ATR lines with the Patriot rifles. Also, the company announced a new line of rimfire rifles. Some of these new rimfires are AK-47 (ish) with wood and synthetic stocks.

Last Update: October 17, 2022

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I will finally have a left handed shotgun. Awesome. My current right handed model 500 has served me well for over 20 years. I will show Mossberg my support for bring out the lefties.

Older posting, but glad to read this. I’ve also been a big Mossy fan for many years, my first shotgun was a gift for my 18th birthday, a 600 Mossberg. Almost 40 years old now. I”ll be buying a new lefty.

Anyone know if any available on secondary market???

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