Bushmaster C-22 Rifle

Bushmaster C-22 rifle

Bushmaster introduced a new .22 LR rifle at the 2015 SHOT Show called the C-22. Fortunately for shooters, the gun mirrors the controls of a standard AR-15, works with other .223 AR uppers and is reasonably priced. Additionally, Bushmaster offers the rifle with a .223/5.56 upper in a single package.

Let’s take a look at the new Bushmaster C-22 and CM-15/C-22 combo…

Although .22 rimfire ammunition continues to be hard to obtain in some areas, a number of .22 LR guns have been introduced in recent months (like the new G36 in .22). By all accounts, traditional rimfire guns like the 10/22 continue to sell very well. So, it is no real surprise that Bushmaster would introduce a new MSR chambered for the tiny cartridge.

The C-22 (also referred to as the C22 in Remington Outdoor Company literature) looks and acts just like a typical AR-15 rifle. It has a 16″ CrMo barrel (exact alloy not stated but probably the same 4150 that is used in other CM-series rifles) topped with an A2-style birdcage. An M4-type 6-position buttstock and pistol grip are used. The gun has an A2-type front sight base with bayonet lug. The gun comes with a single 25 round Black Dog magazine.

What I am not certain of is what kind of hand guard will be on the shipping guns. The Bushmaster catalog and press release show a M4-type hand guard as does the company’s PR photo of the gun (above.)

However, the Remington Outdoor Company’s specification book shows the rifle fitted with a Mission First Tactical polymer quad rail. So do the photos of the CM-15/C-22 kit. I’ve reached out to Remington for clarification, and will update this article when I have final word.

Bushmaster CM-15/C-22 combo

Internally, the composite lower uses standard AR parts and will take a CM-15 .223/5.56 upper. Anticipating many people would want a single lower to swap uppers on, Bushmaster will offer a kit called the CM-15/C-22 Combo. Note that the kit is also called the CM15/C22 in some company literature.

If you compare the C-22 PR photo (top) with the CM-15/C-22 photo (above) you can see some significant differences. For example, the C-22 in the lower photo is lacking a forward assist and dust cover that are plainly evident in the top photo. Additionally, the .223/5.56 upper in the lower photo does not show a dust cover. I’ve also asked Remington to clarify these issues. I will update the article when I know more.

The C-22 rifle alone carries a suggested retail price of $499. The kit has a MSRP of $1,221.80.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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I purchased the Bushmaster c22 and it has the standard M4 handguard handguard. It also has the forward assist and dust cover. Overall I’m very happy with it. Have over 500 rounds through it with no major problems. I was a little disappointed that the front A2 sight came stripped without a sight post.

I guess they figured it was a flat top with no rear sight that they didn’t need a front post. It should be advertised as optics ready. When I called them they were more than happy to sell me one and pay for shipping as well.

Hello Steve, I have a few questions about the rifle. Which one do you think is better, smith and wesson m&p 15-22 or the bushmaster c22? Are the controls identical to the regular 5.56/223? And is the bolt catch release functional like the m&p15-22? because in the video after releasing the mag I could se the bolt going back to position.

The controls are identical to a standard AR as it has a standard mil spec multi cal lower receiver. It does have a last shot hold open but I will have to double check the bolt release but I believe that is the only thing that isn’t like a standard AR.

Oh ok thanks for the reply and looks like a great gun based en the few reviews I could fine online and, of course, your response. I just wanted to read about someone that actually owns the rifle.

Me and my son shoot it a lot. Probably a few thousand rounds so far. I’m going to piece together a 556 upper for it.

Oh great I can’t wait for gandermnt to open its doors here in town to get one of those. Here’s a pic of the one they have in stock.

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