Escort Raider Shotgun

Escort Raider

The Escort Raider is one of the shotguns introduced this year by Turkish manufacturer Hatsan Arms Company.

Much like the Diamond SWAT 12 shotgun I previously discussed, the new Raider is a box magazine fed, semi-automatic scattergun. Unlike the Diamond-manufactured gun, Escort firearms are already imported into the United States by Legacy Sports, so I would expect these will have a higher probability of importation.

There are a number of different options and variants of the gun being introduced at the same time, so let’s go over everything.

Base Model

I’ve not had a chance to handle one of these in person, but I’ve been told that these are gas-operated, using something the company is calling a Smart Valve Piston. I have no way of gauging its reliability across various loads or comparing it to other guns like the Beretta 1301 or Remington VersaMax (read my Beretta 1301 Tactical review here.)

Box magazines of 2-, 5- and 7-round capacities are available.

Barrels are made of chromoly steel and are available in both 18″ and 20″ versions. A fixed cylinder choke is used, and the barrels are threaded for muzzle devices. Included in the standard package is a thread protector cap and a flash suppressor. An optional stand-off for door breeching is available.

A ghost ring rear sight and a front fiber optic come on the Escort Raider. The receiver has a Picatinny rail for the addition of an optic if desired.

These guns use a cross bolt safety. Sling swivels are included on the butt stock and magazine cap.

The butt stocks are polymer and include a pistol grip. On the right ride of the stock is a storage compartment for a pair of spare shells. A rubber recoil pad is included.

The fore end is also polymer. It has an integral Picatinny rail for adding a flashlight or other doo-dad.

Raider 20

This is a 20-gauge version of the base model Raider. It is nearly identical to the 12-gauge model, but is built on an actual 20-gauge receiver. This lightens up the load substantially: down to 7.7 pounds from 8.6. It has the same magazine capacity options.

Raider OD

Escort Raider shotguns

The OD model is identical to the base model with the exception being the stock and forend are OD green. The barrel and receiver remain anodized black. This is 12-gauge only.

Raider Camo

Like the OD model above, the Camo model is functionally identical to the base Escort Raider. This version uses A-TACS camo pattern on the stock, forend, receiver and barrel. Like the OD model, this is only available in 12-gauge.

Raider TS

The TS stands for “telescoping stock.” Essentially, this is the same as the base model, but with a stock that adjusts for length of pull. It gives the shooter 3.9″ of adjustment. Sorry to all of the 20-gauge fans, but this and the next two are 12-gauge only shotguns.

Raider SFS

SFS stands for “side folding stock.” This one is pretty much the same as the base model, but with a stock that swings to the right of the receiver for storage or transportation. It can hols a total of three extra shells on it.

Raider TFS

Escort Raider shotgun

You can probably see where this is going. TFS stands for “top folding stock.” I’ve never much liked this style of butt stock, but it does give you storage for five extra shells.

So, what do you think? Is this something you would consider buying if they make it to the US shores?

By Richard Johnson

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