Remington’s New Long Slide 10mm Pistol

Remington R1 10mm

The Remington Arms Company announced a new 1911-style pistol chambered in 10mm. The new R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is a single action handgun designed for accuracy and power.

As the name suggests, this gun has a longer than typical (for a 1911 anyway) barrel. At 6″, the stainless steel match grade barrel could offer excellent accuracy and improved bullet velocity over shorter barreled guns. Certainly, the longer sight radius will help the average shooter like myself make more precise shots.

Up front, the company uses a fiber optic sight while an adjustable notch in back allows you to dial in the ammo as precisely as you please.

Remington opted for a stainless steel frame that should handle full power 10mm loads for many years. The frame and slide have a PVD finish. The underside of the pistol sports an accessory rail should you want one. Remington uses the Operators II G-10 grip panels from VZ Grips on this gun.

Remington R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide

The magazine capacity is 8 rounds. Your state’s hunting regulations may limit you to fewer rounds, however.

The suggested retail price on these pistols is listed as “starting at $1,310.00.” This suggests there may be factory options, but I could not find any mention of them in the press release or on the company’s website. It will be interesting to see what these go for at the local gun shops.

Although it is clearly a niche gun, I like the idea of hunting sized 10mm pistols. While the 10mm can be a good defensive cartridge, I think it might be a better hunting round.

With the introduction of this pistol following the re-release of the R51 pistols, I’m wondering if Remington’s new Alabama production facility is finally online and running at speed. The company has had a few stumbles in recent years, an I am hoping that it has turned a corner for the better.

If you like handgun hunting with a 10mm, check out my Smith & Wesson 610 review. This gun comes in both 4″ and 6.5″ barrels and is good for self-defense and hunting.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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The grip safety fit is atrocious for the price point. Those exposed teeth on the bottom of the unblended tang are going to chew up the web of your hand with heavy 10mm loads. The worst part is that you can’t blend it out without trashing the PVD finish. Your only hope is to find another 0.250″ radius grip safety that more closely matches the frame tang. My first try would be the S&A model.

I bought this pistol and put 500 rounds through it on the first day, not a single blister or raw spot on my hand. The aggressive grip actually helps you keep a firm hold on the handgun. Overall it’s a great gun and I’d go as far as to it shoots a well as my Dan Wesson Bruin.

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